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The Bar Association suggests core skills and values that undergraduate students should acquire prior to law school to provide a solid foundation for legal education:

  • Analytic/problem-solving skills. 
  • Critical reading. 
  • Writing skills. 
  • Oral communication/listening abilities. 
  • General research skills.
  • Task organization/management skills. 
  • Public service and promotion of justice.
  • Earn a Bachelor's & a Law Degree in 6 Years (3 + 3 Program)

Earn a Bachelor's & a Law Degree in 6 Years (3 + 3 Program)

Seton Hill’s Prelaw Program partners with the Duquesne University School of Law to offer a “3 + 3” program. Students who take advantage of the 3 + 3 program complete three years of study in political science at Seton Hill, and then (once academic and LSAT requirements are met) are admitted into the Duquesne Law School. Upon satisfactory completion of the first year (Day Division) or the first three semesters (Evening Division) at the Duquesne University School of Law, the student is awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science (a major traditionally associated with preparation for law school) from Seton Hill University, and then goes on to complete the law degree at Duquesne University.

A Global Perspective

Prelaw students at Seton Hill study the politics and history of America and the world. Courses in international relations, global issues, world politics, democratization and world peace are offered, and often discussed, in world affairs forums hosted by political science faculty.

Study Abroad

At Seton Hill, you will also have the opportunity to study abroad, beginning your career as a scholar and a professional on the international level while earning credits toward your degree.

Language Studies

Students interested in a legal career often choose to enhance their degree with modern language studies, from minoring in Spanish or French to taking courses in German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi and others offered by Seton Hill on campus or through our Language Institute Online.