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Start at Seton Hill, Finish Up at LECOM, Earn 2 Degrees

Phase I - Undergraduate Study at Seton Hill

Once accepted into this program, you begin as a Seton Hill biology major. You have the option of completing your undergraduate education at Seton Hill in an accelerated three-year format, or in the traditional four-year program. 

Phase II - Pharmacy School

If you fulfill the requirements for Phase I of the cooperative degree program, you can then begin Phase II - study at a LECOM School of Pharmacy in Erie, Pa., Bradenton, Fla., or online. You have the option of completing your pharmacy degree in three or four years. To complete the Pharm.D. online, you must choose four years of study in the School of Pharmacy. 

Earn Both Degrees in as Little as 6 Years

Three different program formats provide you with the ability to move through the phases at the pace that's best for you.

  • 3 + 3: 3 years at Seton Hill (Phase I) & 3 years at LECOM’s School of Pharmacy (Phase 2) = 6 years total
  • 3 + 4: 3 years at Seton Hill (Phase I) & 4 years at LECOM’s School of Pharmacy (Phase 2) = 7 years total
  • 4 + 4: 4 years at Seton Hill (Phase I) & 4 years at LECOM’s School of Pharmacy (Phase 2) = 8 years total, with an online option for Phase II

Courses & Admission Requirements

Seton Hill's online catalog can provide you with in-depth admission criteria for both phases and course information for Phase I.

Admission Process

To be admitted to this program you must be accepted to both Seton Hill University and the LECOM Early Acceptance Program. 

Once you are accepted to Seton Hill, we will notify LECOM. LECOM will then review your Early Acceptance Program application and make a final admission decision to the cooperative degree program.

If you are accepted to Seton Hill but are not accepted to the cooperative degree program with LECOM you are still eligible to study at Seton Hill.

To contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, fill out our online Request for Information form. You may also call us any time at (724) 838-4281 or (800) 826-6234, or send an email to