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How the Cooperative Degree Program Works

The largest medical school in the country, The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), has a medical school site on Seton Hill’s campus in Greensburg, Pa. If you are a freshman entering Seton Hill University, you can be accepted into LECOM at Seton Hill at the same time - so you can enjoy your undergraduate studies knowing you already have a seat reserved in medical school.

Phase I - Undergraduate Study at Seton Hill

If accepted, you will begin Phase I of the program at Seton Hill as a biology or biochemistry major. If you are a biology major, you have the option of completing your undergraduate education at Seton Hill in an accelerated three-year format, or in the traditional four-year program. Biochemistry majors take four years to finish their Phase I undergraduate study.

Phase II - Medical School

If you fulfill the requirements for Phase I of the cooperative degree program, you can then begin Phase II: four years of study at LECOM at Seton Hill. (If you plan to spend four years at Seton Hill and four years in medical school, you would enroll in the “4 + 4” program. The accelerated program is referred to as the “3 + 4” program.)

Students successfully completing both phases of the cooperative degree program receive a Bachelor of Science degree from Seton Hill and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.

“The addition of LECOM to Seton Hill created my ideal campus. Knowing that I could attend such a prestigious university and become a doctor of osteopathic medicine…while remaining in my hometown surrounded by the people I love, is a dream come true.”

- Faith Finoli, who took advantage of Seton Hill’s partnership with LECOM to enter medical school after three years of undergraduate study at Seton Hill