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Earn Your Bachelor's Degree & Optometry Degree in Seven Years

As a biology major at Seton Hill, you have the option to participate in our cooperative degree program with the Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry and earn your bachelor's and optometry degree in only seven years.

Phase I - Undergraduate Study at Seton Hill University

You will begin Phase I of the program at Seton Hill as a biology major. At Seton Hill, you will complete the liberal arts curriculum in addition to the pre-optometry track of the biology major in three years.

Phase II - Optometry School at Salus University

If you fulfill the requirements for Phase I of the cooperative degree program, you can then begin Phase II: four years of study at Salus University’s College of Optometry. After your first year of successful study at Salus you will receive your Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Seton Hill. Three years later, after successfully completing the requirements for study at Salus University, you will be awarded a Doctor of Optometry degree from the Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry.