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At Seton Hill, you will benefit from hands-on practical teaching opportunities beginning your freshman year, so by the time you graduate you will have all of the experience and skills you need to begin teaching with confidence. (Early practical experience also allows you to decide if teaching is truly for you - and if not, we'll help you transition to something that's a better fit.) 

Music certification in Pennsylvania allows you to teach at any level (K-12) and in any discipline (classroom music, choral and/or instrumental ensembles), thus making it easy to cross state lines as you job search. As a Bachelor of Music student, you will embrace the development of your musicianship to a professional level.  You will also engage in the professional preparation for the education vocation from the moment you enter the Music Program. 

As part of your professional networking, you will become a member of the Seton Hill Collegiate Chapter of the National Association for Music Education and attend local, regional and state conferences. You will also create and maintain a digital portfolio of your professional work while you are enrolled as a student and will graduate from Seton Hill at the forefront of music technology.

“You are really doing a fine job of preparing the students for coming to teach in a classroom. I was speaking with [Seton Hill music education students] today and realized it was the first time all of these students taught a lesson to this age group! The way they were teaching, I thought they had previous experience, maybe at another school district. I really enjoyed having them here today. They are welcome back anytime!”

- Meghan Whytsell, a local music and chorus teacher, in an email to Seton Hill.

Photo of Jessica Vaughan-MarraCoordinator of the Music Education Program: Jessica Vaughan-Marra

Jessica Vaughan-Marra has recently accepted the position of Coordinator of Music Education at Seton Hill University. She is also currently pursuing her Ph.D. in music education with an emphasis in string pedagogy at the University of Michigan. Prior to beginning her Ph.D., she taught instrumental music for nine years in the Cupertino Union School District. She is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she completed her undergraduate degree in Music Education in 2006 at Duquesne University. She received her Master’s in Music Education in 2010 from Northwestern University. Her research interests include: new teacher mentoring, instructional technology in the music classroom, and student motivation.