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This course provides an introduction to university life in general and Seton Hill life in particular, and includes strategies for academic success, including choosing a major or career path.

Composition & Culture

Writing, communication and critical thinking - these are foundational skills for success in college as well as life. The unique and intensive approach at Seton Hill focuses on the situated ways people use, learn and value language with an emphasis on oral, written, technological and interpersonal skill building.

Artistic Expression

Artistic expression courses allow you expand your imagination to enhance your skills in key areas such as communication, reflection and self-awareness. Courses are offered in disciplines of writing, music, dance, theatre and the visual arts.

Faith, Religion & Society

This course studies the role of faith and spirituality in human development. It explores religious traditions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and examines the role that religions play in shaping human societies – topics important for global citizenship in a world increasingly influenced by the power of religion.

Language Study, Western Culture, U.S. Cultures & Global Perspectives

Study in these topics supports the development of an enhanced awareness of cultural, historical and global issues. This cultural analysis, focusing on issues related to social privilege, oppression, class, gender, race, ethnicity and religion, will provide you with foundational knowledge and critical perspectives that are essential to your future as a citizen of the twenty-first century. Topics are explored through various cultural lenses including art, music, literature, philosophy and theology.

Math & Science

Mathematics and science courses are crucial to developing the analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills that are vital in both the professional world and everyday life.

Philosophy & Theology

In philosophy and theology you will exercise critical and creative thinking to develop a system of informed values, and to explore the faith tradition of Christianity. You can choose from a variety of courses to find one best suited for reflection on your own spiritual journey, and to examine contemporary life through the lenses of ethics, faith and reason.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Throughout the Seton Hill experience, you will learn entrepreneurial skills such as goal setting, risk-taking, flexibility, teamwork, transferring knowledge into behavior and sound decision-making. 

Information Fluency

Information fluency skills are developed beginning with Composition and Culture, and information fluency concepts are integrated throughout the major and liberal arts courses. This ensures that you will leave Seton Hill able to access, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of sources.

Senior Integrative Seminar

A cross-disciplinary capstone experience that will help you integrate your educational experiences, accomplishments and personal value system.

Total credits = 39 - 48

Total result = Skills for meaningful, ongoing success in professional and personal life.