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Information for High School Students & Parents

Students from participating school districts can register for one or more of the approved Seton Hill University College in High School courses through their high school, and upon successful completion of the course receive college credit from Seton Hill. 

These credits are also transferable to most institutions of higher education. Secondary (high school) credit is awarded to students for the successful completion of College in High School courses. The tuition is a fraction of regular college tuition. 

If you are a student from a participating high school and would like to learn more, please contact your high school’s guidance office or main office.

Information for High School Teachers & Administrators

Upper level high school courses can be submitted to Seton Hill’s Registrar's Office for review. If the course syllabus and instructor's vita are approved, the instructor will be designated as Seton Hill adjunct faculty. College in High School course credits are reflected on a Seton Hill University transcript. Please contact Kathryn Rother ( or (724) 552-4395) with any questions. 

Schools interested in partnering with Seton Hill to offer College in High School courses should download the College in High School Handbook (PDF) for details.