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Telling Digital Stories For Fun and Profit

How many times did you look at your phone today? How many different things did you view, tap, listen to, or click on? How many things did you ignore?Placement Rate Graphic

Businesses rely on digital technology to tell people what they sell, and to help their customers use their products. Nonprofits rely on digital technology to let people know what services they provide, and how to get the help they need. 

As a student in Seton Hill’s Digital Humanities Program, you will gain the skills and experience to become what all organizations desperately need - the rare professional who knows how to use the best tools to deliver a compelling message.

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About the Program

As a digital humanities major, you will take a unique combination of courses in English, humanities, graphic and interactive design, business entrepreneurship and communication. You will also choose an area of specialization that supports your personal academic and career goals, and gain hands on experience in a student-run design firm. Digital Humanities is now available as both a B.A. and a minor.

Areas of Specialization

  • Creative Professional Writing

If you want to become a content creator or a writer for digital platforms, this specialization offers focused coursework in narrative, fiction and nonfiction professional writing.

  • Graphic Design, Web Design & Branding

This specialization provides you with the opportunity to strengthen your technical design skills through additional coursework in graphic design, animation, web design, typography and digital imaging.

  • Integrated Business, Marketing & Communication

If you’re interested in starting new businesses or becoming an integrated marketing communication professional, this specialization provides targeted business coursework. 

“Finding solutions to our greatest problems requires an understanding of human context as well as code; it requires both ethics and data, both deep thinking people and Deep Learning AI, both human and machine.”

- Scott Hartley

New!Join Our Creative Design Firm

Students in the Digital Humanities Program at Seton Hill are developing a design firm that will serve small businesses and nonprofit agencies in our community. This firm will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Use the business, design, tech and storytelling skills you are learning in your digital humanities courses to help organizations communicate with their target audiences in creative, ethical ways.
  • Collaborate with other students, creative professionals and Seton Hill alumni working in business, marketing and communication fields.
  • Gain valuable real-world experience in a fun, supportive environment.

Clients of the design firm will include:

  • Thirty-three nonprofit organizations identified as “Impact Fund” partners through the local United Way. This group of service organizations spans community needs from education and disaster relief to community health.
  • Greensburg Community Development Corporation
  • Westmoreland County Economic Growth Connection

FacultySmall Classes Big Opportunities

As a student in the Digital Humanities Program, you’ll benefit from the combined expertise of faculty from the Seton Hill School of Humanities, School of Business, and Graphic and Interactive Design Program.


Career Services GraphicTools and technologies are constantly evolving, and are becoming increasingly user-friendly. The ability to think creatively, ethically and critically about these tools, and to implement them strategically in the workplace, will set you up for success in almost any field. Identifying and preparing for a career will be part of your coursework at Seton Hill, so by the time you graduate you will be confident about your career path. You will also receive support from our award-winning Office of Career and Professional Development in finding career opportunities, and taking advantage of them. 

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