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Hannah: I’m Hannah and I’m a senior at Seton Hill. 

Michelle: My name is Michelle and I’m a sophomore at Seton Hill. 

Hannah: The basic tool we use in our classes is the ipad which is very compact and there’s a lot of applications on that and dance kinesiology we use the ipad quite often, because then we can use apps to learn proper body placement and where different muscles are located. These different tools that we get in class help us learn by just seeing things in different perspective. Help us visualize different styles, sometimes you just have to see things to fully understand. 

Michelle: One of my favorite apps would have to be the ballet dictionary because i don't speak french but all of ballet, almost all of it is in french, so it really helps me to understand what the step really means and what it is supposed to look like. 

Hannah: The Seton Hill dance department gives us a great opportunity because we use technology, it just puts us one step ahead.