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TaMara: I’m TaMara Swank, assistant professor of dance.

Stefan: My name is Stefan Zubal and I’m an assistant professor of theater and dance at Seton Hill University.

TaMara: The use of technology and video for dance students is very helpful. We can have the student take video during the class and then after the class is over they can do a self assessment, which I find very helpful for students. Often time they are working on technique, they can't always see what they look like in their body positions, so by reviewing the video later after class is very helpful for them to see things they need to improve or see things they are doing correctly. 

Stefan: I use technology in my classroom to actually flip the classroom because I teach a lot of dance classes, so to give them the dance experience i teach them technique in the studio and then I record lectures online using an application called screenflow so i record a powerpoint on my laptop and then I put it on our learning module site called Moodle. The students really like this because that way they don't have to listen to me lecturing in the classroom they spend all their time dancing.

TaMara: I think the future of dance is very exciting with the use of technology. It helps me be better teacher and I think it helps the students to learn better.