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Autumn: Hey you guys, what’s up? Autumn Reid here. So today I’m interviewing Nikki Thomas. She is working on an event for her major and we’re going to go talk to her and find out what her major is all about. So, if you guys wanna come with me, we can go get her!

Autumn: Okay guys, what’s up? So i’m here with Nikki Thomas. Hello Nikki.

Nikki: Hello.

Autumn: So we are talking about majors, so Nikki what is your major?

Nikki: I’m an entrepreneurship major with a marketing minor.

Autumn: What year are you?

Nikki: Junior.

Autumn: Tell me a little about your major and what kind of attracted you to wanna do entrepreneurship?

Nikki: Uhm, actually I kinda liked the idea of being my own boss like setting times for myself and making not really my own rules but kind of like planning business the way i want to do it rather than listening to someone else.

Autumn: So, Nikki tell me a little bit about what you’re doing here today for, this is for your major correct?

Nikki: Yes, it is for the class seminar.

Autumn: So, tell us a little bit about what is going on.

Nikki: Okay well today I hosted an event called Mothers, Daughters and Dresses and pretty much what it is is we got old prom dresses and then were selling them for cheaper discounted dresses for girls in local high schools.

Autumn: So this is all through your major, you put this together yourself?

Nikki: Yep, with the help of my group members.

Autumn: Right, so back up a little, what was something that really attracted you to come to Seton Hill?

Nikki: I actually didn’t think of Seton Hill at all like when I looked for colleges it wasn’t even an option. But then I came and took a visit and the campus is so beautiful and it was kind of like a smaller school and I kind of liked that. Like I was looking at big schools like Pitt and stuff and i didn't really feel like I mattered there at all, but here I was really important, and I really liked that.

Autumn: So, as a freshman you would say it is really important to come on a visit, like on a trip?

Nikki: Yeah, definitely, visit as many colleges as you can because it will change your mind.

Autumn: What is your favorite memory here at Seton Hill?

Nikki: Probably as a whole I would say cheerleading. I really liked cheerleading for uhm Seton Hill, the football games were amazing, it was always really fun.

Autumn: And tell us a little bit about what it is like to be an athlete here at Seton Hill and what it is like to have obligations like that?

Nikki: Umm, it can be stressful, you have to really balance your work, but other than that I think it is really fun, like I said it is a really small school so all the athletes are really close, they all get each other and their there for support.

Autumn: Well, everyone that was Nikki, I hope you all really enjoyed our time with her and I really really hope you learned a lot. Nikki has to get and and go help with her group.So, thank you again Nikki.

Nikki: Thank you for having me.

Autumn: Alright, you guys that was Nikki. I really hope you enjoyed what she had to say and I hope you took a lot out of it. Like she said it is really important to come for visits, so if you’re interested in Seton Hill make sure you schedule an appointment to visit, you will not be disappointed. Anyways, I’m gonna go get back to her event, it is a lot of fun. So, until next time you guys, I hope you have an amazing day, I’ll see you guys in our next interview. Go Griffs!