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Autumn: Hey guys, what’s up, Autumn Reid here, senior at Seton Hill University, I’m getting ready to interview another senior, Ashley Reid, she’s my twin, she’s an art therapy major, she has done it all, so hopefully she can answer a lot of questions for you nervous incoming freshman about what to expect here on the hill, off the hill and what it's like living in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Autumn: Alright guys, so here she is. Artist at work, So, did you want to take us some places and show us what’s good around the VAC (Visual Arts Center). 

Ashley: I’ll give you a tour. 

Autumn: Okay Ash, so where are you from?

Ashley: I’m from Maryland.

Autumn: What is it like being from Maryland coming to a school on the mountains in Pennsylvania?

Ashley: Umm, it’s very different. It is more country here, but at the same time you can get some of that city taste when you go to Pittsburgh, it’s like 45 minutes away.

Autumn: So, what made you come to Seton Hill? What was that deciding factor that every freshman wants to have?

Ashley: So, what made want to come to Seton Hill overall was sports, but also at the same time the campus was really beautiful and it was different than a lot of schools I visited.

Autumn: So, Ashley is going to show us a little more around the VAC.

Autumn: So, as you said earlier you’re an art therapy major, but I know that you came in and you were undecided for a good portion of your freshman and sophomore year. Tell the freshman coming in what it is like coming being an undecided major here at Seton Hill.

Ashley: It’s not as scary as you think it would be. There’s a lot of options. Don’t be afraid when you come in undecided because Seton Hill will help you out and umm they do a really good job at doing that.

Autumn: Being a senior and finally being about ready to graduate, you’ve probably done a lot of things, but what is one thing you want to do before graduation?

Ashley: Graduate. Yeah sorry guys that’s all I have to give you because I’m ready to graduate. 

Autumn: But uh speaking of graduation, what are you going to do after graduation?

Ashley: I’m going to stay here for the rest of my life, no, I’m not, I plan to do the art therapy masters program here, and that is like 2.5 years and then after that I plan to go to California, New York, or D.C. area to begin my art therapy practice. 

Autumn: So, big things after Seton Hill obviously for Ashley.

Autumn: Alright guys so, I think that is everything with Ashley, thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule. Alright I think she’s done.

Ashley: I am done.

Autumn: Alright guys, that was Ashley Reid, I hope she answered a lot of your questions, don’t be hesitant, don’t be nervous coming in as an underclass. Thanks for watching and we will catch you guys in the next interview! Go Griffs!