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The Seton Hill University Theatre & Dance Department does a variety of special projects throughout the academic year highlighting social issues, moments in history, popular culture, and more! For a description of recent projects, continue reading below. 

Songs of Suffrage

A Workshop Presentation presented via streamed recording in June, 2021

Photo of Songs of Suffrage

In the spring semester of 2021, Seton Hill University’s Theatre and Dance Department presented a new musical theatre project, Songs of Suffrage, celebrating the lives of women who took part in advancing the women's suffragist movement. Created and facilitated by Seton Hill Musical Theatre Associate Professor, Joe Domencic, this project asked writers to submit proposals and, ultimately, songs and/or musicalized scenes that focus on a person, a story, or a moment of any suffragist in history. The aim was to give a variety of writers and actors a chance to creatively bring to life some of the countless stories of women's suffrage throughout U.S. and world history. 

Photo of Songs of SuffrageOf the dozens of submissions, 22 writers from across the country were invited to become part of this staged workshop presented via streamed recording featuring Seton Hill University students.  Over the 2020-2021 school year, these writers developed their work and participated through virtual meetings and rehearsals.

Book, Music, and Lyrics by

Liam Edward Allen, Rory Beckett, Ryan Carroll, Karen Cordaro, Joseph Domencic, Elyse Moretti Forbes, Tressa Glover, Briana Harris, Dana Leahy, Alisa Hauser, Douglas Levine, David Mallamud, Michael Meketa, Natalie Moretti, Alana Moye,  Sarah Noone, Rhiannon Owen, Charlotte Penenberg, Adam Penenberg, Angela Thompson, Marisa Wexler, and Tracey Whorton

Directed and Based on a Concept by Joseph Domencic

Musical Direction by Michelle Walters

Assistant Director: Riley Tate

Costume Design: Bernadette Calvino

Sound Design:  Ryan McMasters

Photo of Songs of Suffrage

Photo of Songs of Suffrage


Act One

  • Prologue - Tressa Glover and Joseph Domencic
  • Seneca Falls Convention - Angela Thompson
  • Keep it Stirring - Charlotte Penenberg and Adam Penenberg
  • Make My Mark - Alana Moye and Marisa Wexler
  • Sew the Dream-Rory Beckett and Liam Edward Allen
  • Alice and Ohannes -Tressa Glover
  • My Suffrage Cookbook-Rhiannon Owen
  • Write What You Know-Karen Cordaro and Joseph Domencic

Act Two

  • Sky Woman-Karen Cordaro, music by Tracey Whorton, choreography by Melissa Tyler
  • The Mother Age - Douglas Levine, Soloists: Bridget Forsythe, Michaela Isenberg, Ryan Jordan, 
  • Stacey Fils, Alexandra Hellinger, Riley Tate
  • The Nathan Sisters-Tressa Glover
  • Just a Little Meeting-Joseph Domencic and Rhiannon Owen 
  • Set Something On Fire-Dana Leahy and Joseph Domencic
  • The Key-Natalie Moretti, Elyse Moretti Forbes, and Ryan Carroll
  • Fight to Win -Alisa Hauser and David Mallamud
  • The Spirit of Divine Unrest-Briana Harris and Michael Meketa
  • Ida B. Wells-Tressa Glover
  • Watchfire-Elyse Moretti Forbes, Natalie Moretti and Ryan Carroll
  • Night of Terror and Alice Paul-Karen Cordaro
  • One Little Stone: The Mosaic Song -Sarah Noone and Ryan Carroll

Photo of Songs of SuffragePhoto of Songs of Suffrage