Samuel Elko
Joined Seton Hill
Harrison City, PA
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I am a leader and a coach, driven to success. I have 35 years of professional computing experience. My CV focuses on my most recent positions as a Professional Services Provider, an IT Director, a VP & Principal in a startup tech venture, and the Manager of Network Services for an international manufacturing organization. In my current role, I am the Director of Product Support for a large information services organization. All of our Engineers, and over half of all employees, in my Business Unit report to me, Globally. We create, install, manage, and maintain High Volume, High Availability, Machine Learning installations.
I have a well-honed sense of business acumen, and excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills, strong vendor management skills, a broad hands-on technical background, from product development to high performance enterprise networking, high-uptime, all 24x7 operations.
I am experienced in outsourced IT services management and I have experience within the IT managed services industry. I have a proven history of developing executive level business; and a strong technical knowledge base of IT processes, products and services;
I operate in an environment that place an extremely high value on advanced Cybersecurity practices. I have developed solutions for banks, engineering firms, manufacturing, and FinTech companies. I am a Platform Agnostic - ask me what that means when we meet. My technical skills range from MS Windows technologies to a variety of Linux platforms; cybersecurity, telecomm, large scale, distributed operations, integration with legacy systems, and Internetworking. Hiring, planning, budgeting, training, promoting, outsourcing/off-shoring and restructuring. I manage large, diverse, multi-layered, and distributed staffs.
I have been independently employed and understand the challenges of owning and operating a business in today's rapidly changing market.
I teach MIS to MBA candidates as an adjunct professor at Seton Hill University with an emphasis on the business value of MIS. We don't make Technology Decisions, we make informed Business Decisions.