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Teaching Certification for Special Education Pre K - 8 or 7 - 12

Students in this program also have the option of completing the requirements for teaching certification in special education Pre K - 8 or 7 -12.  To add the special education certification, you must already hold a current teaching certification. (If you haven’t yet earned a teacher’s certification and are interested in this program, please contact us.)

Teaching Certification in Pennsylvania

Seton Hill's teacher certification program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for certification preparation. Students who secure the recommendation for certification by an approved college or university have met all the requirements of the approved preparation program and the State Board of Education, and have passed all state-required exams.

Pa. Certification Changes for Teachers Interested in Special Education

The following Pennsylvania teaching certificate holders may now enroll in a special education program: N-3; K-6; Pre K-4; 4 – 8; K-12; reading specialist.

Holders of the following K-12 certificates are now permitted to add on special education certification: music education, art education, health and physical education, all foreign languages.

Teaching Certification in Other States

If you plan to teach in another state, Pennsylvania has signed an Interstate Certification Agreement with other states/jurisdictions. For more information, visit

Licensing and certification requirements for each state can be found on the Understanding Certification section of

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