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Seton Hill's Physician Assistant Program Admissions Committee reviews all applications for the combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science and Master of Science in Physician Assistant Programs. Selected applicants are invited for an interview on campus with program faculty members and alumni. The interview process includes standard interview questions, a communication exercise, and a writing assessment. The interview process takes one-half day to complete.

How to Succeed at the Program Interview

Our program receives hundreds of applications from qualified prospective students for a small number of available seats. To improve your chances of being placed in one of those seats, you must prepare for the interview. Here is a list of items that will prepare you and give you an edge in the interview process:

For More Information

If you have questions about the application process or the status of your application to the Seton Hill Physician Assistant Program, direct your questions to CASPA. If you have questions about prerequisites, deadlines, screening, interviews, and Seton Hill's selection process, or would like to speak to a Seton Hill faculty member, please call (724) 552-4355 or e-mail