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Optimal Care in an Efficient, Effective & Professional Manner

The Physician Assistant Program at Seton Hill University is dedicated to the use of mobile technology to provide students with a quality academic and clinical education. All students will be trained as effective team members.  Program emphasis is on delivering optimal care in an efficient, effective and professional manner. The Physician Assistant Program at Seton Hill University strives to maintain a first time PANCE pass rate of 90% or greater for all students. 

To achieve this goal the Physician Assistant Program will provide students with:

  • The basic medical sciences needed for subsequent clinical studies and requisite to the role of the physician assistant.
  • Training in the patient assessment, including techniques of interviewing and eliciting a medical history, physical examination, clinical procedures, information organization, and oral and written presentation.
  • Information that presents medical findings from studies that focus on women and that highlight socioeconomic forces which impact on women in the health care system.
  • The principles of clinical pharmacology and pharmaco-therapeutics appropriate to the medical therapy for common problems in clinical medicine.
  • Information about the role of the physician assistant, including health care services delivery and the intra-professional, political, and legal factors of current and potential impact.
  • A forum for discussion of ethical issues as they impact the physician assistant.
  • Instruction in health psychology, behavioral medicine and the psychosocial factors that contribute to health with special attention given to cultural differences among patients.
  • Instruction on how to interpret the medical literature in order to maintain a critical, current and operational knowledge of new medical evidence.
  • Instruction and clinical practice experiences in those clinical disciplines relevant to primary care and major subspecialties. 
  • A clinical practice experience across the full life span.
  • Experience with advanced technologies. (For instance, our radiology module uses a filmless digital program similar to the PAC system used in many hospitals, urgent care centers and doctor's offices. The university continually upgrades its learning management systems to ensure that students and faculty are always fully supported by the resources they need.)

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