Supported Practical Experience While You Learn

The purpose of the Clinical Education component of Seton Hill’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) curriculum is to provide structured interactions with persons of varying degrees of health status and disability. Clinical education provides a bridge between the cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills learned in the academic setting and real-life clinical experiences. Competent clinical educators design these interactions with progressively decreasing supervision to prepare you for physical therapy practice as competent entry-level practitioners. 

The Seton Hill DPT Clinical Education Program comprises five phases of supervised clinical experiences:

  • 3 full-time clinical education experiences (Terms 3, 6 and 8) 
  • 2 part-time (Terms 2, 4)

Find more information on the Seton Hill DPT Program Academic Calendar here. 

The Clinical Education Program is progressive in the type and range of clinical responsibilities expected of each student and corresponds to the complexity of the didactic portion of the curriculum. Participation in any clinical education experience is contingent upon successful completion of the coursework and previous clinical experiences. As a Seton Hill DPT student taking part in a clinical education experience, you will be supervised by licensed physical therapists, who serve as clinical instructors (CIs) in such settings as hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, rehabilitation facilities, pediatric clinics, sports medicine clinics, fitness centers, specialty practices and outpatient facilities. 

Sites affiliated with the Seton Hill DPT Clinical Education Program provide opportunities for students to participate in client care, clinic management, and other dimensions of physical therapy professional behaviors. The sites represent various working environments typical of physical therapy practice and cover practice across the continuum of care within the local geographic and nationwide areas.Part-time clinical education experiences (Terms 2, 4) will occur in the area local to campus (within about an hour’s drive). Full-time experiences (Terms 3, 6, 8) can occur anywhere in the United States, with sites that have a clinical education agreement with the Seton Hill DPT Program and are approved by the director of clinical education. Students are responsible for their own means of transportation, housing, and all associated costs incurred during and related to their clinical education experiences. 

Seton Hill Doctor of Physical Therapy Clinical Education Handbook (PDF)

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