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Special Topic: Genocide & Holocaust (SHU 505)

This course is offered to students who are pursuing the certificate in Genocide and Holocaust Studies to complement campus events, address specialized areas of study, and promote study away from campus. Offered as needed. 1-3 credits. Repeatable for credit.

Seminar for Holocaust Educators (SHU 800)

Provides the opportunity to study significant issues in the field of Holocaust studies at the International School for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel. Summer. Permission required. Pass/Fail only. 3 credits.

Research in Genocide & Holocaust (SHU 910)

Provides opportunity to do significant research on a topic in the field of genocide and Holocaust studies. Research is guided by an appropriate faculty member. Fall and spring semesters. Offered online. Permission required. Prerequisite: SSO506. Repeatable for credit. 3 credits.

Genocide and Human Rights (SPS 506)

This course explores human rights as an important international norm that is reflected in policies, practices, and laws at the international and national levels. It addresses such topics as: the use of military force to promote human rights; the development of international criminal courts; humanitarian and human rights law; crimes against humanity; and ethnic cleansing. Fall semester. 3 credits.

Christianity in Dialogue Judaism (SRT 555)

A study of Christianity’s origins within Judaism, its gradual separation from and increasingly polemical stance toward its ‘mother religion’, and the return to a position of mutual respect and dialogue between the traditions since Vatican II. Offered as needed. Offered online. 3 credits.

Genocide in Comparative Perspective (SSO 506)

Places the Holocaust and other cases of genocide in comparative and cultural context. Investigates factors that cause genocide, the use of survivor testimony in documenting genocide, and the role of the international community in responding to acts of genocide. ADP session 3. 3 credits.

3 Credits.

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