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Core Courses

The M.S. in Advanced Nutrition Practice at Seton Hill is a 32-credit program. As a student in this graduate program you will enjoy 7 core courses that account for 17 credits.

  • Applied Nutrition Research I

  • Project Management

  • Leadership & Management for the Nutrition Professional

  • Nutrition in Health & Wellness

  • 21st Century Learning

  • Nutrition in Media Communications

  • Research Methods
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Nutrition & Professional Skills Electives

You will then have the ability to choose up to 15 credits of elective courses. (Courses are generally worth 3 credits.)

Nutrition Electives

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Advanced Nutrition II

  • Nutrition & Chronic Disease Management

  • Pharmacology for the Healthcare Professional

Professional Skills Electives

  • Current Trends & Topics

  • Diversity, Accessibility, Inclusive

  • Psychology of Adult Learning & Behavior

  • Curriculum Leadership & Coaching

  • Economics for Decision Making

  • Intro to New Venture Development

  • Organizational Dynamics

  • Human Resource Development

  • Stakeholder & Team Analysis

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