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Employers: Find Out How Seton Hill's Certificate Programs Can Benefit Your Business

Understanding how to work with big data and basic coding are becoming necessary skillsets for many positions. Seton Hill University now offers two new fully-online certificate programs in data analytics (big data) and software application development that can teach these skills to your employees in less than a year.

After successful completion of this online certificate program, your employees will have gained:

  • Advanced competencies in software development and computer science (object oriented design, algorithms and data structures, integrated development environments and more).

Your employees will also be familiar with:

  • HTML (standard language for web pages).
  • CSS (visual presentation language).
  • JavaScript (scripting language of the www).
  • Java (general-purpose programming language).
  • JSON (asynchronous browser/server communication).
  • jQuery (cross-platform client-side scripting).
  • Apache Cordova (PhoneGap – mobile application development framework).

We offer four convenient start times a year!

Employer Reimbursement/Tuition Deferment Policy

Seton Hill offers an Employer Reimbursement/Tuition Deferment option for students who receive tuition reimbursement from an employer. Learn all about the policy and how it can help your employees get started in this program right away!

Want to learn more about how these programs can benefit your company? Email or call (724) 830-1034.

Online Skill Development for Today’s Employees

Find out more by filling out our online Request for Information form or giving us a call: (724) 838-4208. Ready to apply? Apply online now for free!