1. We care about young children.

Attention is plentiful. Class size is limited with a minimum of four adults in the classroom. Your child will benefit from this optimal adult/child interaction.

2. We are child-centered with an academic focus.

Each student is provided with encouragement to explore, to solve problems, to share ideas and to develop language skills on his/her own level. We maintain an atmosphere of play and nurturing care while promoting creative expression, socialization, independence and academic learning in a secure surrounding. 

3. We offer an innovative work/play environment.

We are equipped with the finest quality resources for early childhood education. Our children have the choice of working on a computer or iPad, climbing the playground equipment, solving problems at the water/sand table, or participating in a host of other developmentally-appropriate activities. 

4. Our children are part of the university.

Our location on the beautiful Seton Hill University campus provides a variety of cultural and educational experiences. Under the supervision of the Seton Hill University Education Program, we visit the university library, the gym and other facilities on the campus. Your child may learn to sing a song in Spanish, observe a chemistry experiment or attend a puppet show performed by university students. Sometimes professors visit our classroom to share information about their fields of study.

5. It is economical! 

Although placing a value on your child’s growth and enrichment is impossible, we think you will find the Child Development Center (at approximately $8 per hour, less than the cost of a babysitter) to be an investment in your child’s future.