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Seton Hill University


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History, Law & Political Science

To study history is to discover how events affect people. Political relations are human relations; interactions between the governments of countries and the decisions made by the members of the local school board are all part of the political picture. The study of history and political science provides a solid background for careers that impact the rules by which people and societies live, including law, government, public policy and education.

From Degrees To Careers


Careers in History include:

  • Teaching
  • Government Service
  • Research
  • Journalism
History (B.A.) Genocide & Holocaust Studies (certificate)
Political Science

Careers in Political Science include

  • Social Welfare
  • Lobbying
  • International Relations
  • Paralegal Studies
Political Science (B.A.)

Careers in Prelaw include

  • Criminal Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Business Law
  • Consumer Advocacy
Prelaw - History (B.A.) Prelaw - Political Science (B.A.)

History, Political Science & Law Stories