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The Fit for the World Program Integrates Career Readiness with Academics

At Seton Hill, we integrate career readiness into the academic journey right from the start through our award-winning Fit for the World program. Read on for a summary of how the Fit for the World program will support you throughout your time at Seton Hill.

Self-Assessment, Major Exploration, Resume Building, and Career Management

All incoming first-year students will complete FOCUS 2 (a web-based major and career exploration tool) in the Connections class.  FOCUS 2 helps students confirm or identify an academic major. Then, using templates created by the Career and Professional Development Center, students will create a college-level resume.  Finally, students will become acquainted with Handshake (a career management system) that they will utilize throughout their time at Seton Hill University.

The Leadership Professional Development Summit

The Leadership Professional Development Summit is a credit-bearing conference-style event that students may attend.  The day will include workshops and networking events that will assist students in building the confidence and skills they need to capitalize on professional career-related opportunities.  

Career in Major and Experiential Learning

Academic programs tailor this part of Fit for the World to the needs and requirements of the specific majors.  Career in Major allows students to explore the vast array of career options available.  Each academic major at Seton Hill University requires some form of experiential learning (internship, fieldwork, clinical rotations, supervised practice, apprenticeship, study abroad, etc.).  This ensures that upon graduation, our students will have completed at least one experience relevant to their career goal to include on a resume.

Post-Graduation Preparation

During the senior year, all students are required to take the Senior Integrative Seminar course.  In this course, the staff of the Career and Professional Development Center facilitate a career module.  Students are tasked with completing a professional resume and a mock interview to prepare them for opportunities after graduation.

Finally, students complete the First Destination Post-Graduation Survey.  This provides the Career and Professional Development Center with a snapshot of student’s plans after graduation and identifies those students who may be in need of assistance with their post-graduation plans.

Hailed as a national model by University Business in 2016, the Fit for the World Career Readiness Program ensures that every student engages in professional development activities that ensure competitiveness in the global marketplace.