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The Fit for the World Program Integrates Career Readiness with Academics

At Seton Hill, we integrate career readiness into the academic journey right from the start through our award-winning Fit for the World program. Read on for a summary of how the Fit for the World program will support you throughout your time at Seton Hill.

Self-Assessment, Major Exploration & Resume Building (Freshman/Sophomore Year)

  • Focus 2.
  • College-Level Resume.

As an incoming first-year student, you will complete FOCUS 2 (a career and education planning system) in your Connections class, in order to confirm or identify an academic major. Then, using templates created by the Career and Professional Development Center, you will create a college-level resume. This resume will obviously have gaps, but it will help you identify the college activities that will prepare you for graduate school or employment upon graduation.

Career Exploration and Career Readiness (Freshman/Sophomore/Junior Year)

  • Careers in the major are introduced through courses identified by faculty in each academic major.
  • Job shadowing/informational interviewing option facilitated by the Career and Professional Development Center.
  • Online Professionalism 101 online training modules:
    • Making the Most of Your Experience.
    • Professional Etiquette.
    • Understanding Organizational Culture.
    • Communication in the Workplace.
    • Ethical Decision Making in the Workplace.
    • Ending Well and Reflecting on the Experience.
  • Pathway to Professional Success programming option facilitated by the Career and Professional Development Center:
    • Match each student with an alumni mentor.
    • Administration and assessment of StrengthsQuest.
    • Internship and job search training session.
    • Interviewing panel with recruiters.

Each academic program tailors this part of the Fit for the World Program to the specific majors that they offer. Some programs will utilize the services and program options facilitated by the Career and Professional Development Center as a course requirement. Others will incorporate this information into their courses using alumni, outside speakers, etc. In all cases, the ultimate goal is to introduce you to all of the possible career opportunities associated with your chosen major, and to help you prepare for a career path.

Experiential Learning Requirement (Junior/Senior Year)

  • Internship/Cooperative Education/Research/Field Work/Student Teaching/Supervised Practice/Clinical Rotations, etc.
  • Experiential Learning Course.
  • Study Away/Study Abroad. 

During the junior and senior year, you will begin to explore a chosen career path via experiential learning. Again, much flexibility exists for academic programs to decide what types of experiences will be relevant for their students. Programs regulated by accrediting bodies outside of the University (like Education, Social Work and Physician Assistant) will continue to require what is mandated for their students. 

Post-Graduation Career Planning and Preparation (Senior Year)

  • Completion of exercises on topics including career values, skills, and industry research.
  • Review of professional resume and assessment of online video mock interview for all students prior to graduation.
  • Completion of first destination post-graduation survey.

During the senior year, all graduating students take the Senior Integrative Seminar course. In this course, the Director of the Career and Professional Development Center conducts a session to prepare you for your first job. This includes completion of self-assessment and industry research exercises, completion of your professional resume and a video mock interview using InterviewStream after the class presentation.

Finally, you will be asked to complete the first destination post-graduation survey. This survey provides a snapshot of student plans after graduation, and provides valuable institutional data on student success that can be used for academic program reviews. And, because your career service benefits through Seton Hill will be available to you for the rest of your life, completing this survey alerts the Career and Professional Development Center that you are about to become a new alumni who may be in need of job search assistance, either now or in the future.