The Holocaust: A Teaching Guide for Catholic Schools

The Holocaust: A Teaching Guide for Catholic Schools by Daniel C. Napolitano is a booklet used by thousands of teachers to teach the history of the Holocaust to Catholic School students and adults around the world. The booklet and web version are now available in Spanish as well as English

National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education (NCCHE) Newsletter

The NCCHE Newsletter is issued by the Center twice a year, typically in the spring and fall semesters. Each issue highlights upcoming events and also provides a report of the Center’s activities. In addition, the publication provides articles related to Holocaust education and Christian-Jewish relations. “Brief Notes” focuses on the activities and achievements of Advisory Board Members and friends of the Center, particularly Catholic Institute for Holocaust Studies graduates.

Conference Proceedings

The Center publishes conference proceedings following each of its conferences. In 2008, Mrs. Ethel LeFrak, a noted New York philanthropist, created The Ethel LeFrak Holocaust Education Conference Endowment Fund, which underwrites publication of The Ethel LeFrak Holocaust Education Conference Proceedings. Copies of the proceedings are available for purchase by contacting

To date, the Center has published these proceedings:

Holocaust Education: Challenges for the Future by Carol Rittner (2012 Conference)

Learn. Teach. Prevent: Holocaust Education in the 21st Century edited by Carol Rittner, R.S.M. (2009 Conference)

Emerging Issues in Holocaust Education edited by Kathleen McSharry (2006 Conference)

Teaching the Holocaust in Catholic Schools edited by Kathleen McSharry (2003 Conference)

Children and the Holocaust edited by Mary Noël Kernan, S.C. (2000 Conference)

Holocaust Education: Approaches That Work edited by Mary Noel Kernan, S.C. (1997 Conference)

A Scholars’ Retreat on Claude Lanzmann’s Film, ‘Shoah’ edited by David A. Lynes (1995 Conference)

At the Edge of the 21st Century edited by Patricia A. Farrant (1991 Conference)

Peace/Shalom After Atrocity edited by Harry James Carges (1989 Conference) OUT OF PRINT

Nostra Aetate Award Publications

The first four Nostra Aetate Award presentations were presented during Holocaust Education Conferences. Thus, the awardees’ lectures were published as part of the proceedings. In 2005, the award presentation became a stand-alone event. Consequently, the Center now publishes honorees’ remarks individually. Copies of these two booklets are available at no cost by contacting

Fifth Nostra Aetate Award Honoring Rev. John T. Pawlikowski, O.S.M., Ph.D. (April 7, 2005)

Sixth Nostra Aetate Award Honoring Dr. Eugene J. Fisher (October 23, 2008)