Quinto Martin M.S.

Interactive & Assistive Technology Specialist / Adjunct Faculty


I have spent the last 14 years as an Art Director / 3d artist in the computer games industry and also as a contract 3d artist. I have worked for Take 2 Games, Virgin Interactive Westwood, EA Games, Microprose Software in addition to contracting with many others. During my experience, I have worked on a variety of projects from video games, movies, commercials, 3d visualization projects, architectural renderings, product visualizations, and animations for web and non-web applications. As a result of my professional experience, I have been able to share that knowledge through teaching at the college level. My main goal is to combine my passion and experience with education, games, art, design, and technology into one format that engages and compels students.


Joined Seton Hill: 2008
Hometown: Greensburg
Personal Areas of Interest: Blacksmithing, Art, Science, Photography, wood species, problem solving
Academic Areas of Interest: Traditional Craftsmanship & New Technology,Graphic Design, Instructional Design, Video Game Art/Design


  • M.S. Full Sail University, Education Media Design & Technology (Winter Park, Florida)
  • B.S. Duquesne University, Computer Technology (Pittsburgh, PA)


  • Game Title: • Delaware St. John: Volume 2: The Town with No Name (2007)(PC)
  • Game Title: • Delaware St John: Volume 1: The Curse of the Midnight Manor (2005)(PC)
  • Game Title: • Chain Reaction (PC title)
  • Game Title: • Escape From Metro City (PC)
  • Game Title: • Golden Nugget 64 (Nintendo64)
  • Game Title: • Toonstruck (PC)
  • Game Title: • Ripper (PC)
  • Game Title: • Hell (PC)
  • Game Title: • Star Crusader (PC)
  • Game Title: • Bloodnet (PC)
  • Game Title: • Megatraveller II (PC)
  • Game Title: • Millennium (PC)
  • Game Title: • F15III CD (PC)
  • Game Title: • Twilight 2000 (PC)
  • Game Titles: • Mantis (PC)
  • Game Titles: • Challenge of the 5 Realms (PC)
  • Game Titles: • Bureau 13 (PC)
  • Game Titles: • Propaganda (Playstation)
  • Game Titles: • Escape from LA (Playstation)
  • Game Titles: • Bill Cosby's Picture Pages (PC)
  • Magazine Covers for Games: • Generation 4 (France), February, 1995: Title (Hell)
  • Magazine Covers for Games: • Computer Game Review November, 1994: Title (Hell)
  • Book Cover Illustration: • Star Crusader: A Novel by Bruce Balfour, Prima Lifestyles Publishing (1995)
  • Book Cover Illustration: • Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller, A Novel by Chet Williamson, Prima Lifestyles Publishing (1995)
  • PC Game Box Cover Illustration: • Bureau 13 (Back Cover 1993)
  • PC Game Box Cover Illustration: • BloodNet (Back Cover 1993)
  • PC Game Box Cover Illustration: • Star Crusader (1994)
  • PC Game Box Cover Illustration: • Hell (1994)
  • PC Game Box Cover Illustration: • Ripper (1996)


  • • Marcom Award 1994: 2 PC Game Advertisements


  • Pennsylvania Association for Educational Communications & Technology (PAECT)
  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
  • Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
  • International Game Developers Association (IGDA)


  • Martin, Q., Komarny, P., Spataro, M., Gawelek, M. (2011, July). We All Have iPads…Now What? Presentation at the Campus Technology 2011 Conference. Boston, Ma. [More Information]


  • Certified Ecollege Instructor