Residence Halls


Housing for First-Year Students

Brownlee Hall

This charming three-story building houses 172, including a residence life professional. All of the rooms in Brownlee Hall are double-occupancy. Every floor has kitchen facilities, computer workstations, and a TV lounge. There is also a large lounge in the basement of the building, traditionally referred to as the “BUG” (for Brownlee Underground), which contains mailboxes, kitchen facilities, a pool table and a big-screen TV. This space can be used by residents for floor programs, watching movies or even sleepovers. Living on each floor of Brownlee Hall are three to four resident assistants.

Havey Hall

Designed by renowned architect Philip Johnson, Havey Hall houses 117 students and a residence life professional. All rooms in Havey Hall are double-occupancy with the exception of a few three-person suites. The ground floor of Havey Hall contains laundry facilities and a large lounge, which features kitchen facilities, a big-screen TV and a pool table. Student mailboxes are also located on the ground floor. Seven resident assistants also live in Havey Hall. 


Honors Housing

Beginning with the 2015-2016 academic year, first-year Honors Program students can elect to reside in DeChantal Hall, on a first-come first-serve basis.

Housing for Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors

Canevin & Lowe Halls

Canevin and Lowe Halls connect, making two large wings for student housing. While both buildings contain university facilities (including professional offices, student organization offices, classrooms and Lowe Dining Hall) on their lower levels, the floors dedicated to student housing have their own entrances and security. A total of 134 men and women live in the buildings on alternating floors, with a resident assistant on each floor. A residence life professional also lives in the buildings. All rooms in Canevin and Lowe Halls are single occupancy. The fifth floor of Canevin Hall is an official “quiet floor.” These halls also connect to Maura Hall and the Administration Building.

DeChantal Hall

DeChantal Hall, Seton Hill's newest residence hall is located adjacent to Farrell Hall. This hall is named for Sister De Chantal Leis (“Dish” to her students), a Seton Hill alumna, former dean of students and Seton Hill’s first director of alumnae relations. The two-story hall has six-person occupancy suites and houses more than 100 students. Two resident assistants and one Seton Hill residence life professional also live in the building.


Farrell Hall

This three-story building, named in honor of former University President Eileen Farrell, was the first suite-style residence hall at Seton Hill. A total of 113 men and women reside in Farrell Hall, in four and six-person suites, each containing single and double-occupancy bedrooms. Each suite in Farrell Hall has its own living room and bathroom/shower facilities. Student mailboxes and a large lobby are on the first floor; the second floor features an expansive lounge containing kitchen facilities, a big-screen TV, a pool/ping pong table and study stations with computers. Four resident assistants live in the building, along with a residence life professional.

Maura Hall 

Maura Hall is part of what is referred to as the "main complex," as it connects to Canevin and Lowe Halls and the Administration Building. First-year women are housed on the fourth floor of Maura Hall, and sophomores, juniors and seniors are housed on the fifth floor. Each floor houses more than 30 residents along with a resident assistant. The floors contain single, double, triple and quad occupancy rooms. Like Canevin and Lowe Halls, the lower floors of Maura contain university offices and classrooms; the floors containing student housing have their own entrances and security.


Seton Hill’s Office of Residence Life has developed a partnership with the newly-renovated historic YMCA located on Maple Avenue in downtown Greensburg. The YMCA houses approximately 32 Seton Hill students with one resident assistant per floor. The top two floors of the “Y’” are dedicated to Seton Hill sophomore, junior and senior student housing; the third floor houses male residents and the fourth floor houses female residents in both single and double rooms. All residents of the YMCA are offered a free full membership to the YMCA. Each floor in the YMCA is air-conditioned, has bathroom/shower facilities, a large lounge, TV, pool table, coin operated laundry facility and Wi-Fi. The third floor also has a large kitchen. Both floors are accessible by student-access key only and security cameras are located at public door entrances. The Seton Hill shuttle has stops at the Performing Arts Center and Visual Arts Center, only two blocks from the YMCA. Parking is not available at the YMCA unless a parking spot is purchased from the City of Greensburg, but parking is free after 5 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends.