Residence Hall Safety


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Safety & Security Issues

Seton Hill takes the safety of its students very seriously. The Residence Life staff works hand-in-hand with Campus Police to provide a secure, supportive environment for student residents. 

Key Card

Each resident is given a key card (also referred to as a swipe card) to access his/her residence hall. This prevents outsiders from entering the halls. Visitors must be with a resident while in the building. Residents may request to have overnight visitors through the Office of Residence Life (for more information, contact the Office of Residence Life).

Fire Safety

Each residence hall on campus is equipped with a fire alarm system. Residence Life reserves the right to hold a fire drill at any time to assure that residents follow procedure correctly. Resident assistants go over proper fire exiting procedures during their first floor meetings and each room also has fire exiting procedures on the inside of the door.

Community Standards

Each floor sets up their own community standards (visitation, alcohol, and fire procedures are non-negotiable), which usually include keeping the lounge and kitchen areas as well as the bathrooms in proper condition.