Early Arrivals


Early Arrival Policy

  • Students arriving before their assigned move-in date will be charged $78 for each day. 
  • There will be an additional charge of $100 for residents who do not inform the Office of Residence Life (ORL) of their early arrival at least 48 hours in advance. 
  • Coaches are responsible for the arrival of their student athletes. The athletes will pick up their keys during specified hours from the Office of Residence Life. 
  • Athletes required to be on campus by their respective coaches will not be charged the fees stated above. Arrival dates provided by their respective coaches will be enforced. If an athlete chooses to move to campus prior to the arrival date, the athlete will be charged the $75 per day early move-in fee. 
  • Honors students who are required to move in early will not be charged the fees stated above. 
  • Students arriving early for non-athletic purposes will be able to pick up their keys in the ORL from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and the above fees will be assessed. 
  • Students who will be unable to arrive on campus within the office hours listed above may make special arrangements with the ORL to pick up their keys from a residence life staff member after 4 p.m. by dialing (724) 838-4260. Any exceptions to this policy may only be granted by Dr. Robin Anke, Associate Dean of Student Services and Director of Residence Life.