Griffin Guides


Griffin Guides are Seton Hill students who are an important part of the Admissions Team. Best known for leading engaging and informative campus tours, Griffin Guides also attend Admissions events and college fairs to share their experiences as Seton Hill students with prospective students and their families.

If you would like to speak with a Griffin Guide - or if you're a current or new student who is interested in becoming a Griffin Guide - please email

Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac

Hometown: North Huntingdon, Pa.
Major: Communication
Minor: French
Year: Senior
Activities/Clubs On Campus: Women’s Golf Team, Treasurer of the Class of 2014, Communication Club, Orientation Assistant
Hobbies/Interests: Golf, Food & Nutrition, Skiing & Sailing
Favorite Greensburg Restaurant: The Supper Club

Cody Burch

Hometown: Greensburg, Pa.
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Business
Year: Senior
Activities/Clubs On Campus: Social Chair Of Griffin Guides, Class of 2014 President, SHU CRU, Habitat For Humanity Club
Favorite Greensburg Restaurant: Isaac’s Ale House
Favorite Quote: “Money can’t buy life.”
Favorite Type Of Music Or Artist: Reggae 

Colleen Davis 

Hometown: Otterberg, Germany
Major: Dietetics
Year: Junior
Activities/Clubs On Campus: Cross Country Team, Track & Field
Hobbies/Interests: Running, Reading, Puzzles, Cooking
Favorite Campus Event: Halloween In The Dining Hall
Favorite Quote: “It’s like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.” – E.L. Doctorow
Favorite Type Of Music Or Artist: Jack Johnson 

Michelle Dickson 

Hometown: Latrobe, Pa.
Major: Marketing
Year: Senior
Activities/Clubs: Business Club
Hobbies/Interests: Traveling. Shopping, Fashion
Where Will You Be In Five Years: Living in New York City upon graduation from SHU.
Favorite Campus Event: Christmas On The Hill
Favorite Type Of Music Or Artist: John Mayer 

Katie Gammon 

Hometown: Lexington, Ky.
Major: Physician Assistant (PA)
Year: Junior
Activities/Clubs: Bible Study, PA Student Society, Seton Hill Government Association
Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, Baking & Running
Where Will You Be In Five Years: Hopefully working as a PA traveling the world with Doctors Without Borders or the Peace Corps.
Favorite Restaurant In Greensburg: Cold Stone
Favorite Campus Event: Midnight Breakfast
Favorite Quote: “Always be an optimist, because there’s no use being anything else.” - Winston Churchill

Corrine Gahagen

Hometown: Windber, Pa.
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Year: Sophomore
Activities/Clubs On Campus: Women’s Volleyball Team, Orientation Assistant
Hobbies/Interests: Playing Volleyball, Skiing, Hanging Out With Friends, Doing My Nails
Favorite Campus Event: Christmas On The Hill
Favorite Quote: “Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says I’m possible.” – Audrey Hepburn
Favorite Type Of Music Or Artist: I love all kinds of music: pop, hip-hop, country, rap, etc. Right now I am on a huge Beyonce and Michael Buble kick.

Giannina Gonzalez

Hometown: Fredericksburg, Va.
Major: Communication & Political Science
Year: Senior
Activities/Clubs: Women’s Golf Team, The Setonian, Resident Assistant
Hobbies/Interests: Travel, Golf, Running
Favorite Restaurant In Greensburg: El Patron
Favorite Campus Event: Christmas On The Hill
Favorite Quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Stephen Harvey 

Hometown: Rochester, Pa.
Major: Music Education
Year: Senior
Activities/Clubs: All Music Ensembles, Peer Ministry 
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Video Games, Interesting Board Games
Where Will You Be In Five Years:  Pursuing a master’s degree or teaching music at a university.
Favorite Restaurant In Greensburg: Rialto or Charlie’s
Favorite Campus Event: Christmas On The Hill

Natalie Kolish 

Hometown: Sarver, Pa
Major: Nutrition/Dietetics
Year: Senior
Activities/Clubs: Dietetics Club, Education Aid
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Cooking, Camping, Hanging Out With Friends, Scrapbooking
Where Will You Be In Five Years: Hopefully I will have a job I like and will be enjoying life.
Favorite Restaurant In Greensburg: Pepperwood Grill
Favorite Campus Event: Midnight Breakfast

Michele Mellick 

Hometown: Upper St. Clair, Pa.
Major: Psychology
Year: Sophomore
Activities/Clubs: Griffin Guide
Hobbies/Interests: Dance
Where Will You Be In Five Years: Probably in graduate school.       
Favorite Greensburg Restaurant: The Supper Club
Favorite Type of Music or Artist: Pop

Elaina "Laina" Moorehead

Hometown: Hickory, Pa.
Major: Education (Pre-K -4 & Special Education) 
Minor: Music Theory
Year: Junior
Activities: Equestrian Team
Hobbies/Interests: Horses, Bagpipes, Band, Riding Quads, Camping
Where Will You Be In Five Years: Either teaching 1st grade or an elementary special education teacher
Favorite Greensburg Restaurant: El Patron
Favorite Type Of Music Or Artist: Country

Jackie Skonieczki

Hometown: Erie, Pa.
Major: Psychology
Minor: Biology
Year: Senior
Activities/Clubs: Library Aide, SHUSA
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Traveling, Boating, Fashion, Shopping, Football (Big Steelers Fan), Beach
Where Will You Be In Five Years: I plan on working as a Marriage & Family Therapist in the New England area having graduated with a master’s degree from The University Of Massachusetts – Boston.  Maybe preparing to get my Ph.D., we’ll see.  Ideally I’d live by the beach, with my dogs, settle down and start a family.  Maybe I’ll even be a Red Sox fan?
Favorite Campus Event: Foam Dance
Favorite Quote: “Whatever You Are, Be A Good One.” – Abraham Lincoln

Livia Vissat

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Major: Communication
Minors: Spanish & Art History
Year: Senior
Activities/Clubs On Campus: Orientation Assistant, Communication Club, Cross Country Team, Track & Field 
Hobbies/Interests: Travel, Spending Time With Friends, Fitness, Cooking, Running, Skiing, Art Museums, Learning New Things
Where Will You Be In Five Years: I can’t predict the future but I anticipate having my dream job involving museum work for one of the Smithsonians in the D.C. area or copywriting for an advertising agency.  So far I know my Seton Hill education is preparing and pushing me closer and closer to landing this goal!
Favorite Greensburg Restaurant: El Patron (Mexican food is the best!)
Favorite Type Of Music Or Band: Dave Matthews Band