Setonian Day FAQs


Summer 2014

You don't have to wait until Setonian Day to get the information you need! On this page you can find the answers to questions most commonly asked on Setonian Day by new undergraduate students and their families. More information on all of these topics will be provided on your Setonian Day, and you can also feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at any time: or 1-800-826-6234.

1. When do I move to campus?

  • Freshmen and transfer students: August 22
  • International students: must arrive on campus by August 18
  • Opportunity Program students: August 17
  • Honors Program students: August 20
  • Football players: August 13
  • All other athletes (fall sports): August 17

2. What time can I move in on my move-in day?

Freshman and transfer students can move in from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Friday, August 22, 2014. ´┐╝(International students, Opportunity Program students, Honors Program students and athletes ´┐╝will receive specific move-in instructions from their program or coach.)

3. What day do classes start?

Classes for all students begin on August 25.

4. When do we get our laptops and iPads?

All full-time first-year students will receive their iPad mini and MacBook Air laptop on August 22.

5. How do I obtain a parking pass?

You can fill out the parking permit form on Griffin's Lair after August 1. (New students will receive instructions on using Griffin's Lair as part of the orientation process.) There is no additional fee.

6. How do I change my meal plan?

Meal plans can be changed by contacting the Office of Residence Life at (724) 838-4213. (Meal plans cannot be changed after the semester add/drop period.)

7. When is my tuition due?

Tuition is due on August 20. Any financial aid awarded typically arrives at the university around this time. Bills are sent monthly, either by mail or email, to alert students that payment is due.

8. Why isn't my work-study aid showing up on my student account?

If you are receiving work-study aid, it will not automatically be applied to your student account. You will receive a check around the 15th of each month unless you opt to use work-study toward your account balance. If you do want to apply your work-study to your student account, please stop by the Student Accounts Office for more information, or contact the office at (724) 838-4214 or

9. Can I change my roommate?

While recognizing that conflicts do occur, the university encourages roommates to try to work out difficulties. The resident assistants (RAs) are available to help. If assistance provided by the RA has not resolved the problem, the area coordinator or resident director will guide the residents to a more permanent solution. Freshman students must wait until four weeks have elapsed in the fall semester to make a room change. Students waiting to switch rooms, and their roommate(s), must fill out the Roommate Switch Form available in the Office of Residence Life and return it by the stated time. (Students must also attend a roommate switch meeting.) The Office of Residence Life can be reached at (724) 838-4213.

10. How can I give permission for my mother, father or another person to speak to Student Accounts regarding my account?

Seton Hill complies with federal regulations that restrict the release of information about a student's account to anyone other than the student, including a student's parents. If your parent or other party will need to know your balance, will be making payments on your behalf, or will be requesting information regarding your account, you will need to complete a form allowing us to release this information. The form can be obtained in the Registrar's Office: (724) 838-4218 or

11. What do I do if I can't pay my balance in full?

If you are not able to pay your balance in full before the start of the semester, please contact the Student Accounts Office for assistance: (724) 838-4214 or Student Accounts can assist you in determining what options are available to you, such as payment from an employer or a tuition payment plan. Our goal is to help you afford your education and ultimately complete your degree.

12. What size sheets do I need for my bed?

Our mattresses take Twin XL sheets. (More information on what to bring to campus can be found at

13. How do I get involved on campus?

Visit to find clubs and organizations available to students. All students are encouraged to attend the Involvement Fair (also referred to as the Club Fair) on September 11, where you can sign up for a club and/or learn more about each organization.