Seton Hill Faculty Member (& Alumna) Sue O'Neill Designs Costumes for Pittsburgh CLO Musical "Judge Jackie Justice."

Seton Hill Presents Update of Classic French Play

Read article on Seton Hill's Production of "Tartuffe" in the Tribune-Review.

Do You Dream of Taking Your Talents to the Profession? 

Here, in the company of people with a passion for theatre and dance, you will enjoy an environment that nurtures your intellect, your imagination, and your aspirations. As a Seton Hill theatre student, you will benefit from our focus on individualized training coupled with abundant production and performance opportunities. And you will join us in our new Performing Arts Center, where we incorporate innovative new approaches to training and built on the latest advances in production 

technology. Faculty of professional caliber - both in the classroom and within the profession - present theory and craft in ways that will cultivate your natural talents and provide the groundwork for careers in professional theatre and dance and beyond.

Take your place at Seton Hill, and prepare to keep moving UP. 


  • Theatre Arts (B.A., minor)
  • Theatre Business (B.A.)
  • Theatre Design & Technology (B.A., minor)
  • Theatre Performance (B.A., minor)
  • Musical Theatre (B.A., B.F.A.)

Theatre Arts (B.A., minor)

Theatre arts is a comprehensive program that offers maximum flexibility and can be combined with other major or minor courses of study. 

Theatre Arts (B.A.)

Theatre Arts (Minor)

Theatre Business (B.A.)

The interdisciplinary theatre business major prepares students to work in theatre administration, marketing, public relations or stage management. 

Theatre Business (B.A.)

Theatre Design & Technology (B.A., minor)

The theatre design and technology curriculum prepares students for careers in scenery, lighting, costume, sound or technical direction. 

Theatre Performance (B.A., minor)

The theatre performance curriculum prepares students for careers as professional performers. 

Theatre Performance (B.A.)

Theatre Performance (Minor)

Musical Theatre (B.A., B.F.A.)

Musical theatre is an interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares performers to compete as actors, singers, and dancers in the musical theatre profession. 

Musical Theatre (B.A.)

Musical Theatre (B.F.A.)

Fast Forward to an MBA

Earn a bachelor's and a master's degree at Seton Hill in five years through our FastForward Bachelor’s to Master’s Program