Modern Languages


Your world is about to open UP.

Language studies enhance every academic major. The skills, knowledge and cultural awareness you will develop through the Modern Languages Program at Seton Hill will give you a broader range of career options, and a distinct competitive advantage in your professional life. 


  • Spanish (B.A., minor, certificate)
  • French (minor)
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Russian

Language Institute Online

Introductory and intermediary courses in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese and Russian are taught online through the Language Institute at blended schools.net

Study Abroad

Seton Hill offers two options for studying in other countries:

  • The Seton Hill Study Away Program 
    Intensive courses taught in other countries by Seton Hill faculty, or in foreign universities with which Seton Hill has partnership agreements.  These courses are usually offered during Seton Hill’s January term (J-Term) and May term (M-Term). (J-Term and M-Term are optional terms that allow students the opportunity to complete intensive 2 – 3 week-long courses.) Through the Study Away Program, students have the benefit of classmates and faculty as travel guides and companions.
  • Independent Study Abroad
    Seton Hill has cooperative study and exchange agreements with universities in other countries – such as a semester exchange agreement with the University of Córdoba in Spain – that facilitate independent study abroad. Seton Hill’s Study Abroad Office will assist students who wish to make plans for studying abroad through Seton Hill exchange programs or through programs offered by other universities or outside services.

Passport to the World

Seton Hill will pay for passports for students who complete a special project that guides them through the planning process for study abroad. This project requires students to develop a written plan for study abroad that covers everything from destination to financial considerations.  The Study Abroad Office provides in-person and online resources to assist students in completing this project and applying for a passport.

Fast Forward to an MBA

Through the FastForward Bachelor’s to Master’s Program, language majors can earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree at Seton Hill in five years!