Exercise Science (B.S.)


Professionals with a degree in exercise science - often known as exercise specialists, or fitness and conditioning trainers - work directly with individuals to help them stay well. Whether you would like to work in a fitness club or a medical center (or with a special population like children or military veterans), Seton Hill's Exercise Science Program will keep you moving toward your goals.

Specialized Facilities

Seton Hill's Exercise Science Program provides students with the technologically-advanced classrooms, laboratories, facilities and equipment needed to prepare them to work in a variety of fitness and health care settings.

Internships & Practical Experience

Exercise Science Program students will participate in two internships, both tailored to the student's specific career goals. The first is an on-campus internship (working with Seton Hill's Wellness Center, for example), and the second is an off-campus practical experience in an appropriate setting.

Since 1885, Seton Hill’s signature degree programs in the health sciences have been preparing students like you to succeed in life, whatever you choose to do, wherever your life takes you. Let us help you to create a healthier world.

Fast Forward to an MBA

Through the FastForward Bachelor’s to Master’s Program, exercise science majors can earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree at Seton Hill in five years!