Elementary Education w/ Special Education (B.A., B.A./M.A.)



Do you remember the teacher you liked the most when you were a child? The one who made learning fun — and maybe inspired you to become a teacher yourself?

Seton Hill University’s Elementary Education: Pre K to Grade 4 with Special Education Program is designed to help future teachers make a lasting impact on their students as they teach the fundamental skills students will need throughout their academic lives. The program is dedicated to providing undergraduate teacher candidates with the training and specialized skills necessary to support children’s development and learning during the critical early years. This course of study also provides the professional knowledge and experience needed to become highly effective parent-infant educators, special educators and child care workers.

Teaching Certifications in Pre K – 4 & Special Education (Pre K – 8)

Students in this degree program also fulfill the requirements for two teaching certifications: Elementary Pre K – 4 and Special Education Pre K – 8.


Two Degrees + Three Certifications = Five Years From Now You Are Starting Your Career

Seton Hill is the only university in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offering future teachers the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with Special Education, and then move directly to graduate work in Elementary/Middle Level Education without having to apply to grad school. Even better – you can earn both degrees (with associated teaching certifications) in only five years.

Teaching Certifications in Pre K – 4, 4- 8 & Special Education (Pre K – 8)

The Elementary/Middle Level/Special Education joint degree program also offers students the opportunity to complete the requirements for three teaching certifications: Elementary Pre K – 4 and Special Education Pre K – 8 while earning your undergraduate degree, and Middle Level 4 – 8 at the graduate level.