“You are really doing a fine job of preparing the students for coming to teach in a classroom. I was speaking with [Seton Hill music education students] today and realized it was the first time all of these students taught a lesson to this age group! The way they were teaching, I thought they had previous experience, maybe at another school district. I really enjoyed having them here today. They are welcome back anytime!”

- Meghan Whytsell, a local music and chorus teacher, in an email to Seton Hill.

Seton Hill Has Been Preparing Educators Since 1885

Our founders, the Sisters of Charity, have always considered education one of their most important missions. Today, our faculty continue to combine classroom experience at all levels with excellence in teaching at the university level. As a result, Seton Hill's Education Program is uniquely suited to provide current and future teachers with the skills and strategies they need to meet the needs of every student.

Undergraduate & Combined Bachelor/Master Degrees

Elementary Education (Pre K - 4) with Special Education (Pre K - 8) (B.A.)
(with associated teaching certification requirements)

Elementary/Middle Level Education (4 - 8) with Special Education (B.A./M.A.)
(2 degrees + 3 certifications = 5 years from now you're starting your career)

Teaching Certifications

At Seton Hill, you can:

  • Complete the academic requirements for a teaching certification at the same time you complete your undergraduate degree.
  • Just complete the requirements for certification (as a postbaccalaureate student) if you already have an undergraduate degree and aren't looking for a master's degree.
  • Earn certification along with a master's degree. 

Click here to find out more about our Teaching Certification Program.

Graduate Degrees & Certificates

Seton Hill's Education Program also offers:

Fast Forward
B.A. to M.A. in Elementary/Middle Level/Special Education

Seton Hill also offers a combined B.A./M.A. in Elementary/Middle Level/Special Education, with associated teaching certification preparation.