Study Abroad


Seton Hill's Dietetics Program also offers study abroad opportunities, like the one described below. 

Adventures in Food & Nutrition - Cordoba, Spain

From May 7 to 23, 2009 the Coordinated Program in Nutrition/Dietetics hosted a nutrition-themed study abroad experience: NT305 Adventures in Food and Nutrition. Ten students and Dr. Sandrick traveled to Cordoba, Spain to learn about Spanish culture and the Mediterranean diet. Several researchers discussed the many health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. At the Hospitality School of Cordoba we participated in five cooking classes, creating delicious meals that incorporated key elements of the Mediterranean diet. We went on field trips to wineries, a cheese making facility, the Carbonell Olive Oil production facility, and COVAP where milk and Iberian ham are produced. We also visited many cultural sites including La Mezquita, the Jewish Quarter, Viana Palace, and Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos. On our second weekend we traveled to Granada to tour the Alhambra.

Here is what some of the students had to say about the trip:

Jennifer Kot
"All in all, my experiences in Spain have left me with memories to last a lifetime, and I have a better knowledge of the Mediterranean diet and Spanish cuisine and culture as a result. The experiences I encountered during this trip were above and beyond my wildest dreams, and I plan to make several lifestyle changes after returning home that reflect what I have learned about the Mediterranean diet and Spanish culture. The entire trip was 'muy bien' indeed." 

April Walker 
"My time in Spain, although short, was life changing. I had an amazing time and experienced many new and unexpected things. Having participated in their way of life, I would now like to make some changes in my own life."

Olivia Weinzierl
"While not everything about Spain turned out to be exactly as I imagined it, I experienced far more and better things than I would have ever been able to come up with in my own head. I have a broader cultural knowledge of the world and a greater respect for humankind. I understand the Mediterranean diet and how it is implemented in Spain and how I can implement it in my own life. I realize that life is not merely confined to what is happening here with me, at this time and in this place, but that the world is constantly moving all around me and that in order to be a part of it I need to be open to all that it has to offer. What I have experienced in Spain has only made me want to see and know more about all cultures of the world and the foods that are present within them." 


Anastasia Martin
"Actually being in Spain cooking and eating was an experience of a lifetime and more beneficial than just reading to thoroughly understand the Mediterranean diet."

Jessica Lieb
" Spain is such an amazing place that I will definitely visit again. I learned so much about the culture, cuisine and people that I would not trade anything for this experience." 

Tatyana Martin
"I did not expect to learn so much about one place in such a short amount of time. The experience has opened my eyes to see what is out there and what is still unknown to me. This experience was fantastic and if the opportunity opened up again to go back, I will." 

Melissa Johnson
"I believe that studying abroad is a unique experience that has broadened my knowledge and enhanced my social skills. I liked that I could use my Spanish skills to communicate with the natives to help the group. After participating in this experience I realized that I would like to expand my Spanish speaking skills to become fluent in the language. I would highly recommend this experience to my fellow peers and friends. I will cherish the memories from this trip evermore."

Grace McQueen
"The only regret that I have about traveling to Spain and learning all about the Spanish culture, food, people, and lifestyle is that I wish that our trip was longer. I wish to one day return, and I really hope that it will come true sooner than later. I am so very very very very glad that I went!"