Success Stories


Award-Winning Sculptor Working With NYC Artists

Robert Irby is a figurative sculptor with the rare combination of both classical and film-industry training. Irby graduated summa cum laude with his B.F.A. from Seton Hill University in 2011 and also received the Seton Hill Award for Artistic Achievement. He went on to receive intensive figurative training at the New York Academy of Art where he obtained his M.F.A in 2014 and was also awarded the Compleat Sculptor Award for Excellence in Sculpture. Irby has worked for various artists based out of New York City such as Mark Fox, David Klass, and Jeff Koons. Above: Robert Irby's "Finders Keepers." 

Art Therapy Graduate Working Art Therapist, Researcher, Volunteer, Artist

 Leara Glinzak's Work Featured in Grand Rapids Press Article on Clark Retirement Community

“I am very grateful for my educational experience and guidance at Seton Hill because it inspired me to continue my art therapy education and career journey. After graduating from Seton Hill with my BA in Art Therapy in 2012 I graduated with my Master of Science in Art Therapy with a Concentration in Counseling from Mount Mary University in 2014. My thesis research was on the use of a quantitative distress tool among four different art therapy modalities when working with adult patients with cancer. I was accepted to present my research at the American Art Therapy Association Conference in July 2014. I currently work in Grand Rapids, Mich. where I oversee the Life Enrichment program for Clark at Home and I do art therapy with the Geriatric population. I am on the Lowell Art Council board where I am involved with overseeing the gallery space and allocating art scholarships for high school seniors. I volunteer with a company called Heartside Ministries with art therapy and I have continued to be involved with my own art in shows and gallery spaces. I am so blessed with my career and the opportunities I have received, and I look forward to what the future holds."

- Leara Glinzak, SHU '12, B.A. in Art Therapy


Support & Education Leads to Career in Web Design

"Prior to my graduation from Seton Hill in 2011, my advisor Sister Mary Kay Neff connected me with one of her contacts at a digital and interactive agency in downtown Pittsburgh. I began my career there, designing websites, email campaigns, logos, and digital marketing materials for clients in a variety of industries. In addition, I became interested in front end development and learned how to write the code that would bring my website designs to life. In this fast-paced and constantly changing environment, the liberal arts education I acquired at SHU was greatly beneficial because I felt prepared to learn any new technologies my career required.

Currently, I am a User Experience Designer at DDI, where I work with other designers, developers, and business stakeholders to improve the usability and visual appearance of the company’s talent management products. It’s an exciting career, and I am thankful for the solid education and support I received at SHU that guided me toward achieving my goals."

- Breanna Wong, SHU '11, B.A. in Graphic Design

An Exciting & Gratifying Career in Museum Work

“Seton Hill gave me a valuable education and my professors truly changed my life. Before attending Seton Hill I wasn't quite sure what sort of career path I wanted. However, when I took my first art history class with Maureen Vissat I knew that this field was my passion and that my true calling would be a career in a museum. All of my professors at Seton Hill gave me a tremendous amount of encouragement, support, and career advice that I have always taken to heart - especially after changing my major several times before eventually settling on art history! After a couple internships and jobs in local Western Pennsylvania museums, I decided to pursue graduate school. During graduate school I was awarded the opportunities of a lifetime, scoring competitive internships at New York City museums such as the Museum of Modern Art. It was a thrill to work in close proximity with artwork that I learned about in my art history classes at Seton Hill. The arts curriculum at Seton Hill does a wonderful job of exposing students to not only the history of art, but the practice of studio art as well as the opportunity to learn about contemporary theory and philosophies of art. Working full-time now in the museum world, I have realized that I am equipped with all the tools I need to speak intelligently about the artwork that I encounter on a daily basis. I currently work full-time at the New-York Historical Society in New York City as an Assistant Registrar. My primary duties include conducting an inventory of the permanent collection, coordinating photography and conservation treatments, cataloging, supervising art handlers, and working to make sure that the artwork and artifacts are safe and easily accessible at all times. I have never felt more confident that this is the perfect career for me. I constantly think of how well-prepared I am to work in the museum world and I am very thankful to my professors, classmates, and mentors for helping me choose an exciting and gratifying career.”

Alyssa Dreliszak, SHU ’12, B.A. in Art History

Hooktastic Designs

Lauren Etling, who graduated from Seton Hill in 2008 with a B.F.A. in 3D fine art, runs her own business called Hooktastic Designs. Lauren is a crochet designer, and Hooktastic Designs specializes in hats for newborns to adults. Lauren has been involved with the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and Fiber Arts Guild of Pittsburgh. Her work has been exhibited in large artisan grade shows throughout the Pittsburgh region.

A Great Day for Hockey

Seton Hill graphic design alumnus Michael Rubino created the "It’s A Great Day for Hockey" typographical design that is installed above the player’s stick rack in the Consol Energy Center, the new home of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  He also designed the All-Time Team mural in the player’s locker room, and various designs for the Center’s media level, strength and conditioning center, and warm-up area. Michael always knew he wanted a career in art. He came to Seton Hill because of its art program, and he graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. While at Seton Hill, he was editor-in-chief of the literary-art magazine Eye Contact, a popular cartoonist and contributing writer for The Setonian, a dedicated blogger, and the founder of the Seton Hill College Republicans. Michael was also active in political campaigns, which led to a graphic design internship with BrabenderCox, a political and commercial marketing firm with offices in Pittsburgh. After graduation the company hired him as a part-time designer; he now works full-time for the firm, in both print and web design.