Admission Requirements


Art Program Admission and Scholarship Requirements  

All students who have been admitted to the University may choose to major in art. Students applying for entering scholarships must submit a portfolio to be eligible for scholarships after successful admission to the University. Students applying for scholarships can receive feedback on their portfolios during open house events or by requesting a portfolio review with the art faculty during a campus visit. The scholarship application deadline is February 12, 2016.

All art students are evaluated in the sophomore year for a formative review. Students complete and present a portfolio of work to be reviewed during the spring semester of the sophomore year by the art faculty. Upon successful completion of this evaluation, students continue through their major coursework. 

Portfolio FAQs

Do I need to submit a portfolio to be an art major?

No, you only need to submit a portfolio if you are applying for a scholarship.

Why do I want to submit a portfolio?

The Seton Hill Art Program has scholarships that are awarded to students who display excellent artistic ability, as decided by the Art Program faculty. An art portfolio review is required as part of the application process for these scholarships. 

When do I submit a portfolio?

Once accepted to the University, you can submit a portfolio by the deadline, Feb. 12, 2016, via email or post to be considered for a scholarship. 

What must be included in my portfolio if I am applying for a scholarship?

  • 3 - 5 drawings that indicate an aptitude for observation (work done from still life, landscape, figure drawing, etc.)
  • At least 2 pieces that indicate aptitude in the use of visual elements: shape, line, texture, value and form.
  • A cover letter stating intended major area of study, and a works list that includes title, media, year and any other pertinent information.
  • Also include, if appropriate: 3 - 5 examples of painting, photography, graphic design or 3D work (may be submitted in electronic or slide form instead of actual work).

How should my portfolio be formatted?

Portfolio materials should be high-resolution digital images of your work. Submissions must be in JPG format at least 150 dpi and sent via CD/flash drive or email.

How should my portfolio be submitted?

If you would like to submit your portfolio via email, please send to: artportfolio@setonhill.edu by February 12th. If you are sending a CD or flash drive through U.S. mail, please send to:

Brian Ferrell
Seton Hill Arts Center
1 Seton Hill Drive
Seton Hill University
Greensburg, PA 15601

Can I have an art faculty member look at my portfolio to give me feedback before I submit?

Yes, faculty are available during open house to discuss your portfolio with you, or you may contact the Seton Hill Admissions Office to schedule a visit and a meeting with a faculty member in the Art Program.

What is a Sophomore Review?

Sophomore Review is an evaluation of your progress and artwork that occurs during your sophomore year in the Art Program. It is designed to give you formative feedback, assist you in your chosen major and confirm your continued success.