Online Learning


Seton Hill offers a variety of online courses and online degree programs. We also offer traditional courses that integrate an online component. 

The majority of Seton Hill's course offerings are supported by online resources available through one of the University's learning management systems, GriffinGate or Canvas.

As all of our full-time students receive iPads and all of our full-time freshmen receive MacBooks as well, learning online (or anywhere!) is easy. This includes learning on Seton Hill's own "island" in the virtual world of Second Life. 

Solution Center

If you’d like additional information on technology at Seton Hill or need technical support, please feel free to contact our Solution Center:

  • Current students, faculty and staff should contact the Solution Center through Griffin's Lair.
  • New students, or those without access to Griffin's Lair, may contact the Solution Center at (724) 830-1805 or