Welcome to Our Epic Infrastructure

Seton Hill’s premier infrastructure ensures that all of the technology on our campus is fast, reliable, secure and easy-to-use while also providing the most advanced features.  

Some highlights:

  • A strong, fast, easily-scalable network that features a port-based system to enhance the security of our mobile learning environment.
  • A wireless system that blankets our main hilltop and downtown Greensburg campuses (and our off-campus Center for Orthodontics).
  • Internet access supported by three private fiber connections, advanced disaster recovery features and insane bandwidth (currently 500 Mb/s with bursts to 1 Gigabit per second during peak times).
  • A voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) system that allows phone service to flow over the University’s network, cutting costs while providing popular features, like the ability to receive voicemails via email.
  • Reliable support for multiple devices and platforms, including Mac, Apple iOS, PC, Android, Linux, various eReaders and others.

Every Day Something New

Seton Hill has become known as a pioneer in using technology in the service of teaching and learning.  As a result, we are often involved in the creation and testing of new technologies designed to be used in academic environments – which gives us the ability to introduce new things to our students and faculty right away. One such example is isaac.

One of the challenges of integrating technology into the academic environment is making it simple enough to use – so that it becomes second nature rather than a disruption. To help with this, Seton Hill recently became the first university to use isaac, a service that allows non-technical users to manage technology wirelessly using familiar social media tools. For instance, in the near future, an authorized user, such as a professor, will be able to use twitter - or an app - to turn off access to the Internet in his or her classroom while students take a quiz using their iPads. Our technical support staff is already being assisted by isaac, which allows them to quickly and easily troubleshoot issues and solve problems even while off-campus.