Program Requirements


The Seton Hill Honors Program consists of:

  • One Honors Seminar.
  • Four Honors Sections of the Liberal Arts Curriculum courses or other designated courses.
  • Designing the Honors Capstone Experience.
  • Senior Honors Presentation.

Capstone Experience Options

Project Capstone

Students design a research project, under the direction of two faculty members, that expands the student’s major field of study, or that increases the student’s knowledge of another academic field of interest.

Travel as Text Capstone

Students use the analytical and critical thinking skills they've learned in their major and liberal arts classes to "read" a new place and its surrounding culture. Travel as text has two options:

  • City Studies Experience: Students travel to and experience a new city following guiding questions created with the faculty member. This option is designed to allow the student to experience a new culture in an intense but brief time period.
  • Study Abroad: The Honors student applies to an international university as a student for a semester to experience a new culture over a sustained period of time. The Honors component of this experience is designed in collaboration with the Honors Program Director and faculty advisors.

Certification Capstone

The Honors student identifies and completes a community certification program, so as to learn in a venue different from the University, and to acquire certification for skills needed in the community. Such certifications serve the public while expanding the student's experience in creative and innovative directions. 

Grading System

Honors courses and the Honors sections of the required liberal arts courses will receive a letter grade with the exception of HP300 Designing the Honors Capstone, which is graded Pass/Fail. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.3 to remain and graduate in the Honors Program. Honors students must complete at least one three-credit Honors designated course in every academic year to maintain active status in the program.