Honors Experience


"I am traveling to Spain during M-term.  For my Honors Capstone project, I am going to write a travel narrative based on my experiences there ... I have chosen to focus on a specific time period: the Spanish Civil War/the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. I am also pursuing an education certification, so helping people learn is something that I value." - Lauren Miller, a Seton Hill sophomore Spanish major with a creative writing minor, spring 2009

"For my [Honors Capstone Project] I am creating an ecotourism minor for Seton Hill." - April Walker, a Seton Hill junior hospitality and tourism major, spring 2009

Honors Program Objectives

Honors students show respect for learning when they:

  • Think logically, analyze objectively, and synthesize clearly.
  • Set clear learning goals and assess their achievement.
  • Transcend course boundaries through creative, self-directed learning.
  • Work beyond majors to pursue interdisciplinary interests.
  • Practice service learning and assess its value.
  • Demonstrate strong and creative communication skills by presenting research results to diverse audiences in varied formats.
  • Show initiative in research projects and plans of action.
  • Demonstrate stewardship by respecting and fostering initiative and creativity in others. 

Honors Program Guidelines

Student projects must consistently demonstrate:

  • Cognitive Flexibility
    • Creative and original perspectives: think in unusual directions, create options, and initiate speculative reflection.
  • Content Knowledge
    • Critical insight: analyze, synthesize, and evaluate based on accurate, complete, coherent, and consistent research procedures.
  • Application/Implication
    • Practical transcendence: transcend course and campus boundaries to address the world; integrate varied research disciplines and present results in diverse formats.
  • Organizational Responsibilities
    • Effective and efficient method: design an action plan based on realistic timelines, available research tools and guidance, academic goals, career intentions, and the stated responsibilities of all persons involved in a given project.