Honors Experience


Art Major in Honors Program Discovers Doodling Keeps People Focused

  "Art of Doodling" Topic of Haley Burns Honors Capstone Project

Honors Program Objectives

Honors students show respect for learning when they:

  • Think logically, analyze objectively, and synthesize clearly.
  • Set clear learning goals and assess their achievement.
  • Transcend course boundaries through creative, self-directed learning.
  • Work beyond majors to pursue interdisciplinary interests.
  • Practice service learning and assess its value.
  • Demonstrate strong and creative communication skills by presenting research results to diverse audiences in varied formats.
  • Show initiative in research projects and plans of action.
  • Demonstrate stewardship by respecting and fostering initiative and creativity in others. 

Honors Program Guidelines

Student projects must consistently demonstrate:

  • Cognitive Flexibility
    • Creative and original perspectives: think in unusual directions, create options, and initiate speculative reflection.
  • Content Knowledge
    • Critical insight: analyze, synthesize, and evaluate based on accurate, complete, coherent, and consistent research procedures.
  • Application/Implication
    • Practical transcendence: transcend course and campus boundaries to address the world; integrate varied research disciplines and present results in diverse formats.
  • Organizational Responsibilities
    • Effective and efficient method: design an action plan based on realistic timelines, available research tools and guidance, academic goals, career intentions, and the stated responsibilities of all persons involved in a given project.