Special Education (M.A.)


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"I have begun my teaching career with Buncombe County around Asheville, N.C. Everything is going great. I think that everyone in the education department at Seton Hill instilled in me a belief that I was special and that I could truly help kids. And I really do believe this. Thanks again for everything.

P.S. Tell all the professors what a great job they are doing."

- Kevin Potthoff, SHU '13, M.A. in Special Education, in an email to Seton Hill's Education Division.

Seton Hill’s Online Program

Today, all teachers have to be prepared to meet the needs of students with special learning abilities. With the field of special education expanding at a rapid rate, there is also an increased demand for skilled teachers to accommodate students with exceptional needs and developmental challenges. Seton Hill’s Master of Arts in Special Education Program provides educators with the instruction and technological skills required to understand their students and adjust to their learning needs. 

Why Seton Hill?

  • 30 credit online master’s program with integrated classroom field experiences.
  • No GMAT or GRE required for admission to the program.
  • All instructors have classroom experience.
  • You can graduate in one year as a full-time student (two courses per eight-week session) or in less than two years part-time (one course per eight-week session).
  • As a leader in the use of mobile technology for teaching and learning, we’ll prepare you for today’s classroom as well as tomorrow’s.
  • You will receive personal support from an academic advisor, keeping you on track for graduation and career goals.

Teaching Certification for Special Education Pre K - 8 or 7 - 12

Students in this program also have the option to complete the requirements for teaching certification in special education Pre K - 8 or 7 -12.  To add the special education certification, you must already hold a current teaching certification. (If you haven’t yet earned a teacher’s certification and are interested in this program, please contact us.)

Pa. Certification Changes for Teachers Interested in Special Education

The following Pennsylvania teaching certificate holders may now enroll in a special education program: N-3; K-6; Pre K-4; 4 – 8; K-12; reading specialist.

Holders of the following K-12 certificates are now permitted to add on special education certification: music education, art education, health and physical education, all foreign languages.