Special Education (M.A.)


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"I have begun my teaching career with Buncombe County around Asheville, N.C. Everything is going great. I think that everyone in the education department at Seton Hill instilled in me a belief that I was special and that I could truly help kids. And I really do believe this. Thanks again for everything.

P.S. Tell all the professors what a great job they are doing."

- Kevin Potthoff, SHU '13, M.A. in Special Education, in an email to Seton Hill's Education Division.

Seton Hill’s Master of Arts in Special Education Program prepares teachers to address the educational needs of children and youth with a variety of mental and/or physical disabilities. This program meets the special education teaching certification standards of the Pa. Department of Education. (Candidates must hold initial teaching certification.) 

Teaching Certification for Special Education Pre K - 8

Students in this program also have the option to complete the requirements for teaching certification in Special Education Pre K - 8.