Wukich Center


Wukich CEO Entrepreneur-In-Residence Michael Pochan

To overcome any challenge, you have to take ownership of it first.

Entrepreneurs are business pioneers, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit invigorates every degree program at Seton Hill. Seton Hill believes that learning to think like an entrepreneur - coupled with a strong foundation in the arts and sciences - helps students take successful ownership of whatever they seek to accomplish. 

Wukich CEO Programs & Services

The Wukich Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities strives to ‘demystify entrepreneurship’ by helping students understand it as a mindset, and not a one-time event.  

Programs, services and resources provided by the Center include: 

  • Entrepreneur-In-Residence.
  • Elevator Pitch Competition.
  • Business Model Competition.
  • Business Plan Development.
  • Entrepreneurial Lecture Series.
  • Entrepreneurial skills workshops.
  • Wukich Venture Fund (which provides initial capital for approved student businesses). 
  • Wukich Scholars Program. 
  • Wukich Interns Program. 
  • Faculty entrepreneurship research and curriculum development support.
  • Wukich Center Hosts Workshop at the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers Conference on Experiential Learning Inside & Outside the Classroom.

    Click here for more information on the GCEC & the Conference.

    Advisory and counseling services to Seton Hill entrepreneurs involved in for-profit and nonprofit businesses.

In addition to assisting current students, faculty and staff, services provided by the Wukich Center are also open to Seton Hill alumni.


Seton Hill University has a 129 year tradition of entrepreneurial action that began when its founders, the Sisters of Charity, purchased farmland and created Saint Joseph Academy for Girls, their first school for women’s education. Their fourth successful venture, Seton Hill Junior College, evolved into the current University. The Sisters were the first entrepreneurs on “The Hill”, finding numerous creative ways to fund their projects.

Since 1997 entrepreneurial thinking has been taught, applied and refined during coursework throughout the undergraduate curricula in classes from art to math to theatre. In Connections, a required core curriculum course for all freshmen, students are introduced to entrepreneurship and encouraged to develop a plan to "be an entrepreneur of your career."

Seton Hill is the home of the E-Magnify women's business center and the Farrell Entrepreneurial Leadership Series, and has been named a top entrepreneurial college by Entrepreneur Magazine based on its development of entrepreneurial skills such as critical thinking and informed risk taking in all students.

In 2009, with the support of Daniel J. Wukich, the University created the Wukich Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities to coordinate, support and enhance all entrepreneurial activities on campus.

Click here for more information on the entrepreneurial culture at Seton Hill.  

Daniel J. Wukich

A member of Seton Hill’s board of trustees, Daniel J. Wukich is the founder of Quest Healthcare Development, Inc., which includes two continuing care retirement communities and Quest Realty Partnership. A generous donation from Daniel Wukich allowed Seton Hill to create the Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities.