MBA in Accounting


Most MBA courses are offered online and on campus.

About the Program

The MBA in Accounting Program at Seton Hill provides the credentials and know-how to accelerate your career by strengthening business leadership skills with an emphasis in accounting. With courses such as Strategic Management, New Venture Development, Tax Research and Practice, Advanced Auditing - and special topics such as forensic accounting - a Seton Hill MBA provides you with the analytical toolset to identify, assess and resolve the complex and dynamic business issues facing companies today.  

Every Seton Hill MBA connects theory to practice with a case driven, application approach to solving the complex people, process and technology challenges facing companies today. MBA faculty challenge themselves to conduct every class in such a manner that students think in a different way at the end of the session, due to a transformed approach to decision-making. Attend one of our MBA Information Sessions and see how a Seton Hill MBA can help transform your career. 

For CPA Candidates

The integrated curriculum of our MBA in Accounting Program enables you to earn academic credits that may help you satisfy the CPA licensing requirements in your state.

Fast Forward to an MBA

Through the FastForward to an MBA Progam, undergraduate students in most majors at Seton Hill can earn both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in five years!