Success Stories


"The years that I was in the MFT program at Seton Hill University are some of the best years of my life. The program challenges our assumptions about mental health, our privileges and our prejudices. The MFT program was the very first experience that I had where I felt like people saw me, the real me, and were invested in helping me achieve my goals. The MFT program also helped me to develop a professional identity as a marriage and family therapist; I am invested in our profession and am always finding ways to be more and more involved in both the training of therapists and the larger MFT professional community.  I wouldn’t trade the experience I had a SHU for anything, it made me a stronger person and a confident MFT."

- Brittany Edge (MFT 2006)
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Pennsylvania Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (PAMFT) Regional Director

Postpartum Support International (PSI) Area Coordinator

MFT Alumna One of “Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest”

Samantha Kormanik, who earned a dual bachelor’s in psychology and sociology at Seton Hill in 2004 before completing her master’s in marriage and family therapy in 2006 was named one of Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest by Whirl Magazine and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in 2014. Active in her community and in her profession, Samantha currently works as a psychological evaluator and licensed professional counselor for Community Psychiatric Centers. Read more about Samantha in Whirl Magazine.

Professor of Child Development and Family Relations Inspired by Program

“Seton Hill has been one of the best experiences in my life. I am the person and professional that I am today because of my experiences in the MFT program. I was inspired by my experience at Seton Hill and went on to complete my PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy because of that. Without the support of the MFT faculty, this would have never been possible.”

- Daniel Puhlman received his master’s in marriage and family therapy at Seton Hill in 2007. He is currently an assistant professor of child development and family relations at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

A Gift to the World of Therapists

“During my two years as a therapist in training at Seton Hill's Marriage and Family Therapy program, I was pushed. I was pushed to become aware and accountable for who I am and what I represent to clients. I was pushed to learn how families, couples and individuals are all a part of a system. I was pushed to be aware of my limitations and the gifts that I possess. The environment that is provided at this MFT program is a gift to the world of therapists… I have had supervisors seek me out due to the powerful reputation that Seton Hill's MFT program has. I feel that this program has provided me the framework for a long and beautiful career in therapy.”

- Heather Brown earned her degree at Seton Hill in 2012.  She is currently working  as a family-based family therapist at Family Resources in Pittsburgh.

Becoming A Confident Clinician

“Before entering the program I knew I had a deep passion for helping people and through the support of the faculty and students I was able to foster and nurture this passion.  This program has taught me to become more secure with my own insecurities while pushing me to engage in conversation with people who have such an impact on my life…  I am a stronger and more grounded individual because of this program, which makes me more confident as a clinician.”

- Nickolas Nichols earned his undergraduate degree in sociology at Seton Hill in 2012 before earning his master’s in 2014. He works for Compass Youth and Family Services in Virginia Beach as an intensive in-home family therapist.

Music and Marriage and Family Therapy Program Alumna Named Principal of Greensburg Central Catholic Jr. High School

Christine Mahady, who earned an undergraduate degree in music (2007) and a graduate degree in marriage and family therapy (2012) at Seton Hill, was named the  principal of Greensburg Central Catholic Jr. High School in July 2014. Christine also serves as assistant principal of Greensburg Central Catholic High School.

Moving Forward Professionally & Personally

“I read about the program at Seton Hill, met some of the faculty, and knew that SHU was the right choice. The program shaped me in so many ways. The example set by the faculty helped me to find a balance between professionalism and openness. In addition to the specific knowledge regarding therapy, I grew personally. I became much more effective in my interactions with others, more assertive and better able to manage conflict.”

- Shelley Meyers has experience as a case manager and a counselor working with people recently release from federal and state prisons. After earning her master's at Seton Hill in 2010, she went on to pursue her Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy at the University of Akron, with a goal of opening a private practice and teaching at the university level.

Love, Compassion & Acceptance

“My experience of the Seton Hill Marriage and Family Therapy is one of love, compassion and acceptance. From the very first moment, I was greeted by individuals who were invested in my growth not only as a clinician but as a person… Even after my graduation the relationships that I have built with professors and peers continue to be a valuable thing that I hold dear.  I consider myself very privileged to have experienced this program and to have been a product of the mission of this program.”

- Brianna (Davis) Totty (MFT 2013), Family Based Therapist, Family Resources

An Expansive Education

“The MFT program at Seton Hill is unlike any other I came across in my search. The program is designed exquisitely to integrate deep interpersonal emotion-focused healing while learning about who the client is in the context of their family, their community, their ethnicity - all multicultural aspects of a person. We were constantly challenged to learn these aspects of ourselves as well. I knew attending this program that I would receive the absolute best and most expansive education in my field, and I was right.”

- Ashley North graduated from the Marriage and Family Therapy Program in August 2012.

A Dream Come True

“I was the first person in my family to attend a four-year college. I was the first female to receive a master’s degree... The MFT Program is unlike any therapy/counseling graduate program around -offering intensive group and individual supervision, and most importantly self-of-the-therapist focus which truly has helped me to embrace who I am without a façade that society often makes one feel is needed for success… I can't believe I went to school here. I did it.  As a child I dreamt of a college education and that dream has come true.”  

Teresa Roble received her undergraduate degree in human services through Seton Hill’s Adult Degree Program before earning her master’s in marriage and family therapy in 2013.