Marriage & Family Therapy (M.A.)


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Healing Through Relationships

The Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Seton Hill University is guided by the systems belief that all human experience unfolds within relationship. This relational systemic emphasis is at the heart of our program and intrinsic to the ways in which we believe, think, teach and practice.

Our program is further guided by a commitment to understanding and respecting cultural diversity. We work from the premise that human differences are important and valuable.  Therefore the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Seton Hill is designed to educate students in family systems theory and clinical techniques with special emphasis upon understanding family process within a broader socio-cultural context. 

"My time studying at Seton Hill felt like a rich relationship or an introspective and life-shaping journey - not like a bunch of classes I had to get through in order to add credentials to my resume." 

 - Ashley North (Read more here.)

What distinguishes marriage and family therapists from other disciplines is this emphasis on relationships as an important factor for mental health. What distinguishes Seton Hill's Marriage and Family Therapy Program from other, similar programs is a training model committed to social diversity and development of the self of the therapist as the most essential tool in clinical work. 

This emphasis is consistent with the University's graduate studies philosophy, which encourages students to recognize multi-cultural contexts and the role of privilege and oppression. We also encourage students to become aware of their personal values and how these values affect professional practice, in order that they may act responsibly as agents of social change. 

We believe in the power of relationships - within families, and among individuals - and we prepare clinicians who work from a systemic and relational perspective in addressing issues related to mental health. Our belief in the power of relationships means we work to create a learning environment that is collaborative, diverse and empowering. This is not only our educational strategy; it is also our way of living our values.


Seton Hill's Marriage and Family Therapy courses are designed and taught by a diverse faculty with combined academic and counseling backgrounds. Our devoted group of core faculty are enhanced by adjunct faculty clinicians, each with their own specialty.

Accreditation Status 

The Seton Hill University Marriage and Family Therapy Program is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE) of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).

Art Therapy

Seton Hill also offers a Master of Arts in art therapy with a specialization in counseling.