Success Stories


Middle School Teacher

Program of Study: Elementary Education

Class Year: 2012 

“After subbing [as a 6th Grade Math teacher] for just four weeks, I was blessed with a permanent sub position for the rest of the school year! To be honest, I can't believe it! I am so excited, happy, and thankful!... I never imagined I would end up in such a position seeing that I used to be extremely fearful of math but I am surprised at how much I love it!

When I was asked to take this position, I was shocked because I did not apply for it.  It turns out that as I was subbing, there were several principals and administrators watching and observing me… They have stated that they haven't seen this kind of enthusiasm and classroom management in years. I am beyond flattered and [feel] the need to thank all of the professors at Seton Hill who have helped me become an educator.”