Success Stories


A Professional Edge

“My professors helped me prepare for the therapy world. Everyone that has witnessed the work I do is always impressed by my clinical judgment, professionalism and dedication. Having the combination of art therapy and counseling has definitely given me a professional edge in my work setting among my peers. I work for a big company and because of my abilities I have always been on the radar of my superiors.” 

Rachel Gagen graduated in 2011 with a master’s in art therapy with a specialization in counseling. She is currently working on becoming a LPC (licensed professional counselor) for the state of PA and is a therapist working in the mental health and education service line with children having emotional support needs.

An Honor & An Inspiration

“Seton Hill gave me confidence, in my art, in my knowledge and in my gut instincts. Instructors encouraged questioning and exploration and I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere. I now have a job as an art therapist with the biggest hospital system in the area. My job allows me to interact with people learning to live with mental illness. It’s an honor and an inspiration every day.”

Donna X. McBride graduated from the Art Therapy Program in 2005.